how to make your own gasket

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  1. Floyd Blancher

    Thanks for the tips

  2. Blake Waddell

    I’ve only ever been able to find cork gasket material I’ve always made gaskets if needed with RTV that’s how I was trained so I’m glad to see some other methods.

  3. David Stepeck

    Early Mustie1 vintage video, ah riiiight!

  4. Jonathan Garzon

    Who fucking sells this!?!?
    Why does nobody talk about sources I can't find it online

  5. And this is exactly why old British bike engines leak oil so badly. Multiple owners have been rounding the mating surfaces for so many years that the gasket will never hold the oil in anymore. The way to make a gasket is to draw around the part and cut it with a knife and use a hole punch for the bolt holes.

  6. Natheniel Clark

    Would that method dent aluminium?

  7. I love your posts and slowly through your old stuff

  8. Ian Vicedomini

    Very informative mate

  9. Beast Monster

    What material did you use to make the gasket

  10. Can I use manila paper for carburetor gasket? How many plies/layers?

  11. Gasket making paper…. one more thing into my amazon cart I got from musties garage.
    Thanks man… great video.

  12. Marsh Monster

    That's an awesome trick dude I never would have thought of that great job mustie1. Thanks for the edumacation 🙂

  13. Michael Saffold

    If the screw holes won't cut out well enough, a one hole punch works quite well.

  14. ⭐*.*':RickK* *RocKStar:'*.*⭐

    Light oil on surface then press material, gasket shape appears with no banging .

  15. Sailing Brothers

    greaT advice! thank you!

  16. This way works great, just tried it.

  17. Donna Crawford

    What material would be good for an old 2-stroke base gasket. I am raising the cylinder over stock by about .020 inch. I believe I need 3/64 inch material. Thank you

  18. Good Enuff Garage

    brilliant video thank you very much

  19. Daniel Mitchell

    Great video I've made gaskets like that for years, another trick for cutting out a gasket of heavier material especially if you have to make a transfer to the gasket (say an aluminum part) is to use an old sewing machine set to a tight straight stitch (no thread ) to make perforations in the gasket material for tearing out the completed gasket, much better than a box cutter. Keep up the great work

  20. What do you use to make a head gasket? Lol

  21. Sloppy Redneck

    never really thought of that, I've heard about taking the part and pressing it into the material then cutting out the impression. I need to make a gasket for a crankcase on a four-wheeler, maybe I'll try this:-)

  22. I got a chance to work at a 50s style electronic motor shop before it went out of business' thanks to China. Awesome owner I called him tesla' he showed me the same techniques how to make a gaskets with special tools or hammer like a pro. In those days' gaskets where all hand made.

  23. Badass helpful

  24. so what if its aluminum? u wouldnt wanan be hittin that with a hammer eh?

  25. Thank you for this video, Mustie1.

  26. Why no X-ACTO Knife?? Seems it would come out cleaner.

  27. Wish I had these videos 20 years ago… LOL

  28. One Acre Organics

    why do i always watch these excellent knowledgeable videos after I screw something up or waste a bunch of money ordering overpriced crap online that I can easily make? smh… another great video, thanks man! (I ignorantly used scissors to make some gaskets, what crap they were.. thanks for the great tips!)

  29. Nice technique Mustie1………………love the style thanks. Nice restore also

  30. Richard Vaughan

    Hey thank you for the great video it's nice of you to help others I am curious couldn't you have just cut the middle portion of that out with an X-Acto knife or is that stuff too thick I know that may sound like a stupid question but I don't know anything about this stuff

  31. Bro i just watched your video, was in the slumps, got everyting to finish my minibike project by xmas except a side cover gasket. As soon as you said i could use manilla paper i was thanking my God. thanks alot

  32. Wow amazing!

  33. I have made gaskets this way and used store bought gaskets when it is time to assemble things I tie the gasket to the part with thin thread this makes for an easy assembly in any situation plus hard to reach spots the gasket can not move

  34. Great demonstration.

  35. Watched this to learn how to make gaskets for my aquarium canister filter.

  36. Erving morris

    Great video thanks

  37. Great video.

  38. Roger Nichols

    you are always doing something interesting, jack of all trades……thanks for sharing

  39. Зачем так стучать по контуру???Ножниц нет,чтоли???

  40. Thanks bud.  You helped me out. 🙂

  41. Awsome never would have thought of it

  42. Thanks for sharing that Mustie.

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