How to make Gel Blasters more Powerful? #shorts

đây là cho máy thổi gel của bạn mạnh hơn. Chỉ cần nâng cấp nó lên pin lipo 11.1v, sẽ bắn như bbrrrrrrrr. Súng bắn gel UZi: Pin lipo 11.1v: Sử dụng mã giảm giá 12% tại cửa hàng YOUTUBE #shorts #gelblaster #howto.

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  1. How to ruin your replica pt 1

  2. Idiotic .. first of all, 11.1v does not make it more powerful, just increases the ROF .. second, unless you upgrade your gears, you will strip them and end up with 0 gellets/sec 🤣

  3. Can I get it for free

  4. Give me water gun please😭😭

  5. Where u buy 11,1

  6. Buy a good gel blaster in the first place not a piece of shot

  7. Guy Navarrette

    Freeze them

  8. just afford a high end blaster
    easy solution B )

  9. James Laurence Dacumos

    My Guys gonna put everyone in the Gulag💀

  10. Congratulations you either made the battery life longer or simulate gun fatal explosive malfunctions.

  11. U bought double tap

  12. Can you please make a video when you shot on your hand because i wanna kniw if it hurts… I just want to make sure it doesn't hurt, before i buy it… so if you make the video i will buy the blaster directly

  13. Florian Lange

    Let’s destroy the gun without success 😂 – dude, the only sound you hear different is a little „crisp“ sound. It will be not stronger at all, it just will be with more energy if it need.

  14. James Sanders

    When you fire it it will go boom because of over volting

  15. 11.1 batery nylon gear??

  16. That's why i love DEEZ NUT'S

    it will BOOM 💥

  17. I bought one of these blasters and they're not worth it. It jammed, the battery didn't last (which explains why you changed it to another in this video) and it didn't shoot far at all. Not worth at all.

  18. So you change rpm instead of actual power of that "gun"…. btw there "gin" work super close to airsoft guns and parts are inter changeable but stronger spring won't work in these

  19. wide open aviation

    So your basically over volting it ⚡️

  20. Lollipop_Airsoft

    It's not more powerful, just faster, gotta change the spring for more power

  21. -=Lego Gaming=-

    No crap Sherlock!

  22. W Anime Audios

    What brand battery is the one u use in the video?

  23. Karl Leopold Bragas

    I put a 11.1v lipo on my nerf gun it turned into a flamethrower and also my hands are melting

  24. feysal hamidi

    11 volts that is to much for any handheld thing your phone takes like 20-60 watts

  25. make your gel blaster so powerfull that it starts to have some recoil

  26. That has no power increase. If you want stronger gel blaster, get stronger spring, full cylinder, and longer barrel. Then throw it away bec it's gonna break and then buy an airsoft

  27. Um I don’t think it’s suitable for that power

  28. for sure this gun nerf next season

  29. Shark-musty642

    I have a g17 toy is there a battery I can get thst from you guys

  30. Bri’ish Hype

    no way a more powerful battey would make it faster

  31. Bro do not put higher voltage battery something it's explode and cut on fire it happened to me my gel blaster cut on fire i was sad because my gel blaster is expensive

  32. Bro stop fucking overpricing your shit I found half your gelblasters on different websites for wayyy cheaper and at that yout gel blaster are in the worst quality I order some for me and the homies and 3 were broke 2 were dented and scratched do better bro

  33. how do I escape jail now

  34. What is even the point of these

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