How to Make Free Space in C Drive on Windows Laptop/PC

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  1. simple. precise. helpful.

  2. Thanks dude

  3. Thank you i got 20GB space

  4. thank you

  5. i have cleaned up 8GB.Thank you for the vedio

  6. but it dont works

  7. it dosent work in mine still full red in local disk

  8. Does anyone have a link to the 'Windows delete old folder video'? I can't seem to find it on his channel :/

  9. Shawn Ezekiel

    dude thank u so much! my pc runs more faster and my minecraft is less lag

  10. Ahmed_NotAhmad

    I WaNt CoD PlEAsE

  11. regie personal vlog

    now finnaly i can play roblox 😀 Thank you so much

  12. Thank u , now I am able to install MATLAB software

  13. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Adalid, Caesar Eduard A.

    im having second thought on the recent part..but here it goes

  15. Thank you you are very helpful with this stuff!

  16. 0:08 he scared me just his mic so loud lol

  17. thank"s bro

  18. Thank u so much dear
    It clean about 36GB on my drive thanks

  19. Bipasha Debbarma

    You speak gramic

  20. My storage is all being used up by system files it sucks i cant delete them

  21. didin't work :((

  22. I just wondering when i type disk cleanup in my laptop, no results.. give me headache..

  23. Safa Ganidagli

    u broke my pc

  24. Do not delete recent files its all important

  25. thank u that was really helpful!

  26. How do I move my windows C data to windows D?

  27. Alameen Studio

    today very use me , thnks dear

  28. You're the best

  29. respect from pakistan..
    thank u sooo much bro…

  30. I was very skeptical about this. I only deleted up to the TEMP portion and it cleared up 108GB!!! none of the other videos show this.

  31. um . im just tryna play Sims and this didn’t work .. thank you for the effort tho!❤️ lots of love

  32. Julie Ann Sison

    Thank you 😊💖

  33. Not sure you post delete everything in your temp folder, this guy probably old fashioned and don’t have games on his system you got to be carefull and look over things you may accidentally delete something important to ur game like sims, and it won’t functioned well with out it, he could of at least tell what they do instead of wiping it out like nothing

  34. Ultimate tech

    thanks bro masssive!!!!!!

  35. Thank you so much my sims 4 downloaded now!!

  36. A pop-up shows that Windows cannot find 'recent'
    Please help me ASAP

  37. does it delets all your games?

  38. Shethe_ EwoQueen

    Thank you this video helped some.👌👍

  39. Mj full form?? Michael Jackson..

  40. Thank you sir…..m find most of the videos bt they can't u r solution work immediately..thank you so much 👍

  41. Interior gaming

    thnks bro

  42. waoo its too good its really work thank you

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