Repair DAMAGED Mining Truck Cylinder Barrel | Part 2 | Machining & Honing

Now the welding has cooled let’s get this job finished! This video is part 2 of a job to repair a damaged hydraulic cylinder barrel from a mining truck. This is the hoist cylinder barrel off a Caterpillar 785 Haul Truck, the cylinder helps to lift and lower the body when dumping out the payload. In this Part 2 we show step by step to complete the replacement of this cylinder barrel. We counter bore the weld on the ID of the barrel before the entire OD of the barrel down to size. We also use our 1960s to hone the ID of the barrel before fitting and welding the barrel end on to complete the job.

If you missed Part 1 watch it here:
Tour of the Delapena Vertical Honing machine:

In this video we are using:
– Hafco TM-26120G Centre Lathe
– WIA 500i Weldmatic welder
– Delapena Vertical Honing Machine

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  1. You might not realize how many people you are inspiring to become machinist and what that does for the trade

  2. The proper engineering!☺

  3. Now that barrel was a lot of work!!!! People used to ask me why welding cost so much……yeah ok….they have no idea. Especially with your knowledge of metals. My Dad was a master welder. I am a welder today. I have forgotten so much in my old age. I was also a jet engine tech…..but it’s ok. I had my run at life……oh make a grease board where you’d write some words and rewrite? I love your out takes, but like me I run blanks!!! You guys make me laugh. My Dad always told me, “if you can’t do your job very well, you need to get a different job!” 🥸🥸👍👍

  4. From 3:353:52 when facing the flange there is a different surface finish at the edges vs. where the cut is interrupted by the threaded bolt holes. What's the reason for this?

  5. I get mesmerised watching your milling! 😂🥸great work!!

  6. Cieszę się że mieszkam w Polsce u nas można naprawiać nie mając wrażenia że pająki nas zaatakują 🙂 pozdrawiam

  7. I’m curious as to why you don’t use lifting eyes instead of bolts?

  8. Your honing machine that was used for the Harrier front suspension sure is one neat machine to have.

  9. I finally get to watch this video after 3 or 4 attempts over 4 days! But it was well worth the wait, good show and good work THANK YOU!!!

  10. Doesn't the welding heat cause some warping of the honed cylinder?

  11. The genuine joy of you guys cracking up in your outtakes brings a welcome smile to my face.

  12. I really appreciate that Curis always rolls up his sleeves when working on the lathe. There are too many videos out there of people doing lathe work with their shirt sleeves flapping in the wind; makes me cringe every time. I admire the commitment to safety!

  13. my perfectionist OCD is 98% happy after seeing this.

  14. Nice work mate, from another machinist. Couple of questions, how much ovality did you measure in that bore after honing, and how much distortion do you think you got at the bottom of that tube after welding the cap on??

  15. When you showed the before and after honing. All I could say was "Damn! That's sexy!!" 🤣🤣🤣

  16. so, its just an optical illusion coming out from factory… mmmmkay

  17. what do you use to clean after honing?

  18. Would welding up the end after honing the cylinder warp the bore or does the piston not go that far down in the bore?

  19. I have thought that you are more accurate than the OEM , or do they just drink more ?? LoL 🤣

  20. Wow, an intact male dog. Good for you letting the boy be a boy.

  21. I'd call that a "home run". AGAIN
    Your banding machine always "tickles my fancy" and make me wish I had need of such a device. I go back to the "old days" with steel strapping and sleeves and the crimp-er. That silly banding took a slice at me more than once, not to mention cutting one loose!!!!!
    Excellent delivery.

  22. 28:54 "to get the tip in there"
    Me: haha thats what he said

  23. you sir are one of a kind and do exceptional work and obviously take pride in it. im sure that that is why you have the business you do. thank you for taking time to share your skills. and as always homie makes the videos even better

  24. Always great to watch a master of their craft, Curtis. And your wife does just as masterful a job on the videos. Thank you both.

  25. Thanks for taking the time to look into the oil housing tank. That was super interesting.

  26. That was some real nice cross hatching inside that barrel.

  27. I was wondering but I guess the contract didn't include the drilling and tapping of the input hydraulics ? (I don't know the standardized name)

  28. Great video but it's a lot of trouble to go through just to produce a few pounds of engine break-in additive. LOL. Seriously, you do some very impressive machine work.

  29. I'm also enjoy behind the seen….clips. keep it up mate. you are famous in Northern India also.!!!

  30. Yo! How are you getting on with your quick change tool post?? 🤔

  31. Great work Curtis ,youre a genuine craftsman ✌️

  32. I hate when the customer has their own paint shop 🙁

  33. I am at home sick right now and this is medicine for my soul. Thanks mate for your great work and the content you guys are putting out there. Greetings from Germany.

  34. 14:28 – "and then I zero it on the dial…" – YOU? 😉

  35. It seems like a pretty rare market inefficiency, if the factory product is more expensive and with a longer turn-around than a local custom shop. Is this the common situation with these, or is it related to transient issues?

  36. Gran trabajo, saludos desde Colombia💪

  37. I'm a mechanical engineer, I worked in the diving industry in the North Sea in the '80s before joining the fire service for 25 years. Now retired over six years, I love watching you make things shiny again. Please don't stop, the therapeutic value of your videos is immense. I can be an engineer again through your work. So a massive thank you to you and your wife and dog, I don't know how many lives you've saved but you deserve a medal.


    You are very talented at what you do sir!

  39. It's been a while since we have seen the honing machine. Nice to see it again.

  40. We use vertical honing machines which I think faster…

  41. I have a company that need workers this week

  42. Why do you MIG weld ? TIG would be better (harder but better) do you send the barel for Xray of the weld or not? do you have WPQR and WPS?

  43. No me creo yo q eso lo centres a la centesima. Megustaria verlo ( ojala este confundido) de todas maneras bien trabajo

  44. In addition to the main content, I always enjoy the outtakes! I am sure many others agree they give a good laugh and smile.

  45. I’ve watched about every single video you’ve ever posted. They help me sleep

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