How to Make Microwave Wings from Regular Show

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  1. “Rating this out of 10? …”
    *doesn’t rate out of 10*

  2. Vixcell Hartman

    I was born and raised in Buffalo, a few minutes from where the first chicken wing was made, i respect this. For the one reason that he didnt call them "Buffalo wings"… ITS JUST "WINGS" FOLKS!

  3. This is like a snack more than a meal

  4. I think goldengully is the only one who makes things from cartoons

  5. When i saw this episode of Regular show i litrally wanted to eat those wings but i forgot about them a week later T_T

  6. I. Love ❤️💕💕. You

  7. Can you try Benson Chilli with wings

  8. Did you break your nose

  9. Karter Penguin

    Regular show such a good show

  10. Joselito Collado


  11. smilemaask • 1 inches ago

    yeah raw curry powder is …not pleasant 😅

  12. GCDJShaneShow

    Man I feel old seeing that show—

  13. "how to make microwave wings kulfi"

  14. Now this is something I can make

  15. Gordon Ramsey died after this was made

  16. Tell me why Benson looks like an animated gully. His voice matched perfectly during the voiceover parts

  17. Sitiveni Naika

    Out of 1000/100

  18. Can you make egg scoopa Koopa from Super Mario world?

  19. probably only added curry to the recipe to rhyme with “not gonna hurry”

  20. QuestioningYourSanity

    Fair but people sleep on proper curry wings.

  21. Never knew golden knew regular show, looks delicious tho!

  22. Kaden Fielder

    he said were did everyone go after the show were did they go?

  23. You mixed to fast😡

  24. 🎵Gonna get salmonella poisoning because if you microwave raw wings you will get sick with salmonella poisoning🎵

  25. Super Yoshi Films

    Admit it benson

  26. Walidhecatoy Robloxvids

    when benson mixed it😳😳😳

  27. Brianne Stanford


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