How To Make Real Tonkotsu Ramen

Đây là thỏa thuận thực sự, ramen tonkotsu truyền thống. Rất nhiều người tự hỏi làm thế nào để có được tonkotsu béo ngậy và béo ngậy như nhiều cửa hàng ramen vẫn làm. Hướng dẫn / công thức này sẽ chỉ cho bạn cách làm điều đó. Tất nhiên tôi cũng bao gồm cách làm chashu, và luộc mềm thơm ngon. Ban đầu tôi định tải chúng lên dưới dạng video riêng lẻ, nhưng sau đó quyết định chỉ tạo mọi thành phần trong video này. Theo những gì tôi đã nghe, rất nhiều cửa hàng ramen thực sự sẽ đun xương của họ trong hơn 14-24 giờ, nhưng công thức này vẫn tạo ra nước dùng đẹp chỉ sau 12 giờ. Chúc các bạn vui vẻ! * KHUYẾN CÁO: Không có ăn liền nào bị tổn hại trong quá trình làm video này * Công thức: Nếu bạn không tìm thấy kombu hoặc vảy cá ngừ: Kombu: Bonito: THEO DÕI TÔI: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Trang web: —— ————————————————– ——- Âm nhạc – Saib: ————————————— ————————.

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  1. Technophile Psychonaut

    Man, my only critique would be the ajitama. Gotta marinate that shit overnight, half water, half soy sauce. I did all soy sauce once and it was WAY too salty, but still kinda good.

  2. Therapist: Beardless Joshua isn't real, he can't hurt you.
    Beardless Joshua:

  3. You didn’t make ramen eggs!!

  4. Thành Danh Đinh Phan

    Hayya Induction stove i want real fire not fake fire

  5. Dayum this takes forever, definitely my fave and I WILL master this one day

  6. totally not a famous person with a fake name

    ur face makes me never want to eat again

  7. Amogus1Squash

    This is my first time seeing Joshua without his goatee Lol

  8. Arsalan Ali Khan

    The thin wheat noodles in a rich tonkatsu broth… The pulpy soft-boiled egg which melts in your mouth, the roast pork… They all create a perfect harmony. It's the soul food of Japan beloved by everyone in the country!

  9. Pls pls pls could u make a tataki ramen with creamy curry broth 😍 yummm


    Shall we

  11. Νίκος Μόσαλος

    Make Naruto Ramen

  12. ButteryPigeons

    JOSHUA MAN,what camera are you using for all this

  13. Amanda Woolsey

    Me googling pig trotters 🛑

  14. zachary sherry

    H Mart in Colorado is the best Asian market I've been to in the United States.

  15. ramen is the most expensive and most time consuming food ever. i will never make this

  16. Your hair is so crazy in this video.

    Love your book dude

  17. Nature’s Kai

    Tonkatsu and Tonkotsu sound similar but are very different. What you have made is Tonkotsu

    It took like the entire day and another day of planning and it turned out less than mid
    Do the faster recipe that takes like 3-4 hours to make the broth 12 hours is not worth it especially if you don’t want to take up an entire day cooking

  19. creative source

    This is one I'm just gonna go to a restaurant for. £13 well spent.

  20. Shinya Novikov

    Where is the aroma oil?

  21. Although I post gaming content I’m a chef and I trained in Japan and have worked at upscale authentic, Japanese owned and operated Japanese restaurants throughout Asia and in the US. Not trying to brag. Just giving what I’m about to say some more weight. I’ve worked in numerous ramen restaurants in Japan, NYC and LA. Ippudo being one of them. While your soup looked ok there were some things that could have been better. I’m not going to say that you were wrong because with ramen, creating your own soup style is what sets you apart from others. But, using pork trotters only won’t give you maximum flavor. That’s more for collagen extraction to make the broth thicker. Using the skull, leg bones and other will give a much better tasting soup. Also, adding the vegetables towards the end would have been better. In ramen making, timing is everything. For peak flavor extraction adding the vegetables towards the end will bring the flavors out nicely. Adding them too soon you’ll actually begin to lose those flavors. As for toppings, while this is also something that is up to the person eating it, enoki mushrooms don’t really go on ramen. That’s a very, “white boy” thing to put on ramen, lol. I’m also a white boy though, lol. GGs on the preparations though 🙂

  22. Can I use Beef as an alternative instead? we dont eat pork here

  23. Tactical Yoshi

    it is so weird watching josh without his beard lol.

  24. Arelis Sanchez

    Currently making this because I can't find the maruchan one in stores anymore 😭

  25. Woahhh long haired Josh

  26. Is it possible to replace the dashi ingredients in the tare?

  27. Nicole Catlin

    This looks delicious 😋

  28. Jennifer Roth

    Okay… so I ran out of sake… so I subbed Jack daniels Tennessee honey whiskey… dudes… it killed.

  29. Cameron MacDonald

    Why did you take the time to skim off the scum during the initial boil, when you intended to strain off all the water and rinse the bones afterward?

  30. Stop squinting, prick.

  31. レイン キズ

    who else watching it 2022 man joshua did u age 18-32 in 3 years??? 😂

  32. tre-moon -dous

    I know this is a 2 year old video, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me if using beef bones and beef meat would work as a substitute for pork?

  33. Devan Ridenhour

    I trust you because Uncle Roger does 💜🇲🇾🇯🇵

  34. Robert Schafer

    that knife looks like a tojiro.

  35. I’m flagging this for porn 🤤

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