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  3. its amazing thank you for this video

  4. Can't you update this video? You're just misguiding the people.

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  6. Mohith Gokaraju

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  8. Ramesh Gardening products

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  9. Let's Try and learn

    Very well explained thank you ☺️

  10. The Resort Garden

    7:07 I'm here to be an expert 😂

  11. websites that make free online logos for buisness, can those logos be trademarked or copyrighted??? Please help.

  12. महिमा पुनः आनयन्तु

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  17. Rashidul Islam

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  18. What video editing software you use.?

  19. Upskill With Akash

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  29. Nice way to make understand people good video

  30. Speechless teaching way that's great. I have never ever seen this type of tutorial llike this deeply discussion and hans on explaination. Thank you to your all the team. Website learner.

  31. Vibes with Sibghat

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    How to create logo….the new or fresh one

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