How to Make Empanadas | So Delicious and Easy!

Bạn sẽ không thể chỉ có một trong những thú vị này. Thịt bò và rau được tẩm gia vị hoàn hảo được bọc trong lớp vỏ vàng ruộm, những chiếc bánh bò này dễ dàng kết hợp với nhau trong lò. Bùng nổ hương vị, những chiếc bánh empanadas nướng này hoàn hảo như một món khai vị, bữa tối hoặc một bữa ăn nhẹ giữa ngày! NHẬN XÉT: ĐẶT HÀNG TRƯỚC SÁCH CỦA TÔI! ĐĂNG KÝ ► ————————————————– ————————– THÊM TÔI VÀO: Tiktok: Instagram: Pinterest: Trang web: Amazon: Facebook :.

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  1. In Nigeria, these are called meat pies… Loving it.

  2. Robert Prazeres

    cna you fry with this dough ?

  3. Velia González

    Me encantas

  4. In Malaysia we call it curry puff. It same recipes but we will include a curry powder. It tastes so good what ever recipe or way to cook.

  5. In the Philippines, either we bake or fry the empanada or we use either butter or oil in making our dough with sugar. Where I grew up, we have two versions : ground pork,potatoes,sweet potatoes,carrots,and raisins with a little sugar, add a quarter of hard boiled egg or half of boiled quail egg when putting in the filling and then fry.The other version is using yukon gold potatoes, ground beef, raisins, and green peas then fried. Me and my sisters prefer the first version and in the far north,we like to eat it with spiced vinegar. When I make the fold ,(I learned this from my uncle when I was a kid), after putting in the filling,I use fork to close it, then use my index fingers to fold from right to left. My left index finger secures the edge while the right index finger folds. With every fold, I use my right index fingernail to add an additional seal. It’s more work maybe but we want to make sure it won’t open up as we fry the empanadas and it will also look like a cute piece of art😁. I enjoy watching your videos because it’s so natural.

  6. No salt in the filling?? 🤔

  7. ampana das

  8. enpana das

  9. I bought the dough already made. I couldn't take too much time making these since I'm in the middle of exams. Thank you John for the recipe they were good! Greetings from the eternal city of Rome.

  10. I would add raisins ! They make it so yummy!

  11. Yummy I’m going too make this

  12. If you don’t want to make them , you can go to world of empanadas in Burbank , California. They have all different kinds and their sauces are so good😋

  13. Antonio Gentile

    Wow to receve free book

  14. Gioconda Wooden

    Hi Preppy, I love your show. You are very sweet, of course, Hispanic blood you have. Gracias!

  15. Latina Forever

    Hey mom !,! 😍💕🙏

  16. You use only one egg right? Because that is what I see on the video, but in your website you wrote that 2 eggs are needed.

  17. John, you are such a great teacher. I love how you explain what to do (and also why to do it!!)😁

  18. Pls make a chocotorta!!! With Dulce de leche of course!! There are ppl that makes chocotorta mixing Dulce de leche with cream or Philadelphia (cream cheese). The last one with ddl is my favorite!!
    And the chocolate cookies (chocolinas are called) goes dipped in coffee with milk or nesquik with milk, they have to be bland but not enough to break! Look for more, is really yumyum <3

  19. This proves attractive people with some talent will always get board over less attractive experts

  20. Deborah Anderson

    Hey. There are a lot of comments here so im not sure if anybody shared about finishing the edges. I don't hold my empanadas. I fill them when they're on a cutting board, fold the dough and seal the edges with my fingertips like you would with a fork and then do the cute twisty thing, tucking the last twist of dough to the back. Yours look great though! 🙂

  21. Las empanadas en Argentina no llevan todo esas cosas parece un guiso

  22. Hi John, new to your channel, love love all of your recipes. Made your peach cake to for family gathering. It was big hit, lots of compliments. PS you have a great family.

  23. Genesis Rodriguez

    Hahaha good disclaimer about the spices… I was thinking “WHERE ARE THE SEASONINGS?”😂😂

  24. Can i use shortening if i dont have butter??

  25. Roberto Beltran

    My Bad my respect but that is a hot mess for Empanadas as we Puerto Ricans 🇵🇷 is a hot mess 😬😬

  26. here hold this will ya

    I like the look of the fold and crimp, but I like how much flakier the crust cooks up using the for method.

  27. I would have added some Worcestershire sauce to the meat that I would have cooked down first before removing, adding a little cooking wine and oil before adding the vegetables and raising the heat on the stove. For the vegetables, I would have added some peppers to it, including bell and poblano and depending on the heat I want, possibly Serrano pepper. In addition to the cumin and chili powder, salt and pepper, I felt it could have used a touch on garlic powder, onion powder, a 1/4 tsp of ginger, some cayenne pepper, ground chipotle pepper, all spice, smoked paprika and a touch of coriander, and would have left out the cinnamon. I also would have added a bit more of the tomato paste, and would have added some oregano to take, as well. The empanadas looks good, but I guess we all have our own takes of each well known dishes.

  28. Shirley Gatchalian

    I'm one of your fan here in the Philippines. Hope that I can have your cook book for free. 😁

  29. Dennyse Gonzales

    YOU'RE MAKING ME MISS MY GRANDMOTHER….she would make us pineapple empanadas and we would help her close them up with milk and a fork. love all your videos and my new preppy kitchen cookbook. i'll definitely be making these

  30. Catherine Flynn

    Is empanada dough the same as pie crust like… as if one was making crust for peach pies

  31. Phyllis Gordon

    Could you make it without the egg?

  32. Can I use roasted red pepper instead of tomato paste? Allergies to tomato.

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