How To Make a Glass Out of Ice #shorts

Ly làm từ đá này là mẹo làm đá cocktail đơn giản nhất mà bạn có thể làm chỉ trong 5 giờ! Để làm nó, bạn không cần một khuôn đá đắt tiền mà chỉ cần đổ nước lọc vào cốc nhựa hoặc cốc giấy. Và đặt nó trong tủ đông của bạn trong 5-7 giờ. Bỏ nước, và bạn có thể phục vụ bất kỳ loại cocktail hoặc rượu mạnh nào. Cocktail sẽ ở trong ly lâu hơn 30 phút! BẠN SẼ YÊU THÍCH NHỮNG VIDEO NÀY: Những Công Cụ Tốt Nhất Để Tự Làm Cocktail Sáng Tạo Cho Riêng Bạn Những Viên Kim Cương Đá Đá Trong Cocktails Hướng Dẫn Cách Làm Clear Ice Tại Nhà | Chuyên nghiệp | Chuyên gia TRUYỀN THÔNG XÃ HỘI CỦA TÔI: VLADFLIX KÊNH VLOG: KÊNH YOUTUBE SHORTS CỦA TÔI TIKTOK @VLADSLICKBARTENDER INSTAGRAM VLADSLICKBARTENDER INSTAGRAM PERSONAL @VLADFLIX FACEBOOK Vlad Slickbartender CHO SỰ KIỆN ĐẶC BIỆT / VIRTUAL #shorts

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  1. The amount of wasted drinks due to dropping it tho


    Where'd you get that shaker from?

  3. ice cup: pees
    cup: o h h y e a h

  4. Bar down the street from me does this, have mini freezer full of them, reserved for whiskey only

  5. Damn ima just bite the ice cup

  6. Lapice, the lil' sus boy


  7. he just showed us how to make clear ice without the fancy tools

  8. We do this but with a silicon mold that just adds a hand hold and the rest is still ice.

  9. That’s a really shitty freezer, my water is a pure iceblock before 8 houra

  10. Synamite Gamer

    Cant we just put water between two cups instead of doing this

  11. Looks cool but holding it not comfortable

  12. A particle of God's creation


  13. If I put it in the freezer for five hours it'll be frozen solid, it'll be frozen solid after like an hour and a half

  14. Gabriel Archambault

    It lasted 36 minutes without being touched by hands though.
    Hlw do you drink out of this without melting it in your hands

  15. R. C. Engineering

    The negative slope would make it slip out of your hand if you tried to hold it

  16. It's always a chilled environment inside a bar. It's done so that the alcohol can be enjoyed properly. I don't doubt that in such an environment ice glasses will be a big YES .

  17. I'm a motherfreaking avocado

    "Ah crap, it's melting" *the glass drops out of my hand and shatters everywhere*

  18. How do you remove water from the inside? Lmao.

  19. 😂…that homer reference

  20. How might you go about picking it up?

  21. You seem to be confusing "the" with "a/an"

  22. 36 min when it doesn't have a 36° C hand around it

  23. Well to stop it from melting in your hand use a straw it may be different but things might work better right?

  24. I could imagine this working for shots

  25. Overpower Media

    You can also just put a smaller cup in the cup with the water and fill it up until it’s halfway in and freeze it for about a day

  26. That first shot being poured looks "intresting".

  27. ubaidullah aqeel

    It's kinda satisfying 😌.

  28. steve harrington

    can i have vodka?

  29. Yes and you also frost burn trying to hold it🙄

  30. I don't have any reason to watch your videos but i am still watching @[email protected] I don't drink, never go to a bar or something, don't plan to be a bartender. But i found your videos very relaxing 😊

  31. Chad Niederman

    see how long it takes if you hold it

  32. 〖𝔸𝕒〗Fonts for iPhone & Android –

  33. Wait what?
    u put water in a cup and it froze with a hole in the middle of it ?

  34. ㄥ卂匚卄丨 爪ㄖㄥ卂ㄥ卂

    How to hold it tho?

  35. How does It make a hole? In the ice Simeone explain pls?!?!!?!

  36. Prince_of_Weebs

    That's kinda sus bro

  37. Katie Robertson

    I would hate to hold that

  38. Completely useless.

  39. Sour Lime (beta)

    Okay, now he use so much ice. That the cups are made pur of ice 🤣🤣🤣

  40. Please tell me this is what they serve drink in, when you're in a ice bar.

  41. Have fun trying to pick that up…

  42. The ultimate drink challenge. Drink as many shots as you can until your cup melts

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