How to make Amazing House with bricks – Mini Model

Cách làm Ngôi nhà mini mô hình tuyệt vời bằng Cảm ơn các bạn đã theo dõi kênh MCKook! Nếu bạn thích video này đừng quên đăng ký :).

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  1. Next door's nicer 😞

  2. Leanna Yovanov

    I want to make a version of this so bad, I'm a very crafty person, but I can't draw and I'm definitely not an architect. I want to build my own house, and I don't trust anyone putting in this level of detail into my home that I want and imagine. SO it would be amazing to build an exact model of my dream floor plan, instead of relying on someone else's drawings. Although, I would have no idea where to start with this. Like I'm a visual and verbal learner. I wish this video was voiceovered. I would need like a whole list of every supply used, estimated amount used, where to get them, etc. I think the best part would be adding where and how many outlets I want in my house. I want outlets everywhere. And adding all the cool features like a laundry shoot or like specific built in for the closets, or a specialty built room for reptiles. So many possibilities. You know you're an adult, when outlets excite you.

  3. Calingo Friendly

    those houses you make are sick . wanna know how much I like them 1000000000000

  4. Shamar Santos

    This one seems a little more complicated, but anyway I loved it

  5. DHH Rap lover

    What is that level checker called

  6. Which material are u used for that ?

  7. Chinazo Monama

    Put the labels on please no offense

  8. ด.ช.ณภัทร ประเสริฐเมฆากุลP2.5 no.9


  9. rajkumar parmar

    Please make 40 by 40 sqft corner bungalow with ground floor full parking..

  10. Fernando Augusto

    amei muito legal

  11. If I could subscribe and like a million more times I would… inspiring work dude 🙌

  12. Anila Shahbaz

    Great work

  13. My chatterbox

  14. Kelpie that was real funny kidding that was disgusting

  15. I love your videos I wish if I could make small houses

  16. ‏Where do you get these tools or buy them?Because my dream is to work the same as yours

  17. so beautiful !! How much dedication and delicacy! ❤

  18. Munive le sabe mas, tas chavo

  19. Gemma Antonio

    you can dis video "How to make the base with cement with walls and floors?" Pruducer^^

  20. Gemma Antonio

    It's like "Before and After"

  21. House with stick bambou plize.

  22. খুব সুন্দর হয়েছে

  23. I want to build this 🏠 🛖 🏚 🏡 🏘

  24. Bro really made stairs 💀

  25. jonathan martinez


  26. Oh my god nó chỉ là mô hình.

  27. 👍🏽👍👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿🥳🥳😯😯

  28. Очень прикольный дом но стройка не твоё😤😤

  29. While writing this comment I realised that currently some are wasting data on reels instead of it

  30. Work of art…

  31. Deonte Burston theftsg

    Where did you get the kit or material to build the house

  32. You should sell these

  33. siwaphiwe magatya

    Nis werdedu buy it

  34. Bathroom was so cool! Curious if you'll do a kitchen in one of them, would be super cool to see you do such great work! Love your vids

  35. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great house TO make I Love.

  36. Laz kızı Özdemir


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