4 Things We've Forgotten How to Make

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  1. Hi everyone! As a few of you have pointed out, the map at 9:36 incorrectly shows Taiwan as a part of China. Sorry for the error!

  2. Stephanie Baker

    Very cool and quite interesting video! Thanks Mike and all at SciShow…excellent as always!! 🙂😉💜

  3. Savannah Judd

    Where is Hank

  4. Do people not say BC and AD anymore when referring to years/dates?

  5. big tits watch free

    4 things we forgot how to make
    1. Art
    2. Stable family
    3. Good decisions
    4. Talking normally

  6. Lord Hawkridge

    Prewatch I'm assuming Roman concrete and Greek fire will be on the list

    Edit: Both on the list, awesome

  7. The knowledge loss is most visible when you start comparing the Roman empire to the dark ages

    Romans literally had heated pools and 300 years later people lived in shacks again

  8. The Ashoka pillar in india is standing for thousands of years and made out of iron and it hadn't taken any rust on it , without the use of any kind of paint or coating .. so this is also note worthy , the knowledge of making iron rust free

  9. Just Some Guy With Mustachiò

    I hope they can figure out how to reanimate extinct animals too!!

  10. no such thing as knowx o rnot

  11. It seems that we have forgotten how to make government worth paying taxes to as well.

  12. Hiro Kurobane

    Screw forced invasive colonialism.

  13. We don't have a loss of knowledge. If we build anything to last we can't make a massive profit off of us. Its not the forgetting of knowledge it's corporate greed. Just like.the entire decline of the world you can blame a huge portion of it on corporate greed. Why build a building for 1 mill that will last 20 years when you can build a building for 750k that lasts 10 years. In 20 years that's an extra 500k

  14. TheFourthWinchester

    Bangladesh didn't exist back then. It was Indian muslin to be precise.

  15. men forgot how to keep w*man in kitchen.

  16. Szczepan Hołyszewski

    An explorer wades through swamps looking for that one wild cotton plant, while a mercenary hired by an evil competitor watches her through a spyglass. What a movie!

  17. How did the cotton go extinct…

  18. I like how I've seen his hair grow throughout these episodes.

  19. Greek fire is honestly my favorite lost creation. Liquid fire lost to time.

  20. So basically, Greek Fire was like the modern Coca-Cola recipe.

  21. 2:41 ‘dug up and sh*t’

  22. Hakeem Balogun

    Shout out to the haya

  23. Ancient peoples travelled the globe. Doesn't matter how far Egypt and China are

  24. We've also forgotten about Jeffrey Epstein and all his pals.

  25. When islamic rulers invaded India they burned many universities here which had millions of books and research papers, many of then were never copied and passed on, it is said that university's libraries burned for a whole week. imagine the amount of information and knowledge that just burned to nothing

  26. Elizabeth Jones

    It's like when you clean you room and find remnants of an old hobby you forgot about and then decide to get back into it again.

  27. It's sad to see that one day, our civilization will too fall back to the sands of which it belongs. Leaving nothing but our concrete structures and fragments of books. Living in a high tech space. Once the internet dies out, so does the information age. Nothing will be there to record us. Perhaps the future generations will also think that we lived simple lives. Since nothing digital will ever leave traces to prove that they were there.

  28. Happening today

    Companies goes under, and they still won't release Their prints or code

  29. Danu Pratama Wiratmoyo

    We really need to make time machine

  30. The Nuggy Wuggy

    So the Roman’s concrete has built in rebar? And the rebar grows on its own when waves crash into it? That’s pretty cool

  31. techniques were lost because cheap european stuff flooded the market. wow

  32. Bangladesh came into existence in 1971, muslin was made way before Bangladesh was born, getting freedom from Pakistan. The credit for muslin goes to India, and credit of making it disappear goes to British, which basically destroyed Indian culture.

  33. What if Greek fire was just napalm

  34. Damn, sick hair dude

  35. David Breakfast


  36. Greek fire, cool

  37. If we ever had a time machine. The first people we would have to check out are the Romans and Greeks. They were so far ahead of time and even today we can’t keep up with some of the things they did.

  38. It’s crazy how we’ve built pyramids and Stonehenge with such simple tools. But with loos of knowledge we simply couldn’t replicate it today. There’s probably a whole plethora of things that would seem like science fiction to us if they were brought back.


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  41. This is like the i forgor meme but irl

  42. I mean napalm is just modern Greek fire

  43. I say this once and I will keep repeating myself until the end of time: "IDIOCRACY IS A DOCUMENTARY!"

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