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  1. Good illustration

  2. Owolawashe Rukayyah

    God bless you

  3. I love the way u explained…very clear

  4. Akuasmarty Akuasika

    Woww I followed step by step just now and it was perfect thank you…..

  5. Best teaching

  6. Thank u 😘😘


    Please for the front peplum, did you cut the peplum seperate or one peplum and you divided into 2. Please ma, clarify me. Thanks


    I can't see how you folded the peplum.

  9. Thank You so much

  10. Bukola Adebola

    One thing I normally don't understand when I watch some of your videos is how you folded it, pls show us watching how you fold… but I still log your videos

  11. Oladimeji Ibukunoluwa

    This is lovely, i really appreciate dis

  12. Sarah Chijioke

    Nice one God bless you ma

  13. this is the best

  14. I appreciate you, thanks ❤️

  15. Jane Horace-Edwin

    I love your outfit and the combination. Does it have a breast pad or princess dart?

  16. Vivian Amaechi

    I love this.will be cutting mine tomorrow

  17. francine mayombo ilunga

    Thank you so much for your time showing us. 💖 can you make another blouses pls because I have Ankara so need to make a nice blouse please?

  18. Telojo Ebitigha

    did u pick dart for d front wrap bci observed you included the dart allowance on d front part

  19. Thankyou 😋😘

  20. amaka nweke Emmanuella

    Thank u ma , i like it

  21. I like ur teaching, will try to make mine. But please I will like you to do tutorial on how to cut and sew princess padded blouse and gown

  22. Augustina Unaeze

    Thanks a lot. I am learning a lot from your teachings. Good job.

  23. Afolayan Bukola

    God bless you ma

  24. Thanks for sharing this. Pls can you do a video on how to cut breast cup and how to fix it pls

  25. Franca Okafor

    Thank you. Pls can u do a tutorial on how to make a full wrapped gown?

  26. Amarachi Ibeawuchi

    As always your tutorials are so elaborate sew bestie. Thank you i'm currently using your tutorial to work on a personal project, I'm nursing a baby And would like to know if 7inches for the neck depth would make my boobs easily accessible.

  27. Okoroafor Abigail

    Thanks for ur tutorials…. Can u do igbo blouse….thanks

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