How to make Pentatonics flow

Xin chào các bạn, tôi hy vọng một số bạn có thể thấy video này thú vị khi phân tích kỹ thuật tay trái và tay phải. Tất cả công lao dành cho Frank Gambale vì đã nghĩ ra cách khéo léo này để chơi âm giai ngũ cung, trong số những thứ khác. Thật là một người đàn ông hào phóng khi chia sẻ cách tiếp cận tuyệt vời của anh ấy với chúng ta trong những năm về trước, nếu bạn không quen với anh ấy, hãy kiểm tra xem anh ấy có phải là một con quái vật không. #Shred #sweeppicking Nếu bất kỳ ai thú vị, tôi hiện đang cung cấp các buổi học guitar riêng. Kiểm tra các liên kết bên dưới. Tất cả những điều tốt nhất 👍🙏🎸 Trang web video giới thiệu

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  1. Aleksandr Murenko

    Like – Alex !!!!

  2. Hey didn't say how to…

  3. Richard Jones

    So basically economy picking ascending and pull-offs descending.

  4. when you make the penta three notes per sting it looses something

  5. Tinktink Putra

    This is what I need👍

  6. Denise Friday

    Just lush❤️ from Tasmania Australia

  7. Tsubaki Harukawa

    yeaa FG is a monster .. but you must also have the credit for innovating his technique with your magnificent tone and ideas ..
    You're truly a master Alex .. 🤘🍻

    by the way have you ever had a chance to jam with FG ?

  8. Awesome Alex, thanks so much! I’ll be adding this in to my other homework 👍👍 Hope all’s well with you man, hopefully see you for another one of your game-changing lesson soon!! Much love and thanks as always from me man 🤘🎸💥👍

  9. Horst Lippitsch

    Awesome! Your B string is tuned to c?

  10. Even the slow example is way too fast for me… so precise and flawless! 😎🎸🎶

  11. Raymond Peter Gatulik

    Flow like water my friend

  12. Sweet bro,you really make me want to pull the old Jackson out of the closet and join you.

  13. Nice playing, very clean technique! I have a nerdy question – how high do you like your action?

  14. That's the Alex touch my Brother.. sounds almost as good here in Florida as it would live,. lol… 👍

  15. Thijs van Oeffelt

    Now your playing and the signature guitar make me drowl.

  16. Sebastian Koch

    Just found an old issue of FG's 'Speed Picking' in the Attic and now working on do it so good!

  17. That FG Ibanez is so so sick…. appears to be a Jazz III (the black) pick. Would love this tab.

  18. Thanks Alex. Your tutorials are always very useful. 👃🎸🎼

  19. Amazing playing as always, Alex! Was great to meet you with Frank when you were over in La! Hope we can meet again soon.

  20. Roy van Broekhuizen

    I wished you lived near Long Beach CA, I would sign up for your Private guitar lessons immediately!!!

  21. Dana Everhart

    It would sound KILLER WITH YOUR FGM IBANEZ!!! PeAce ☮️ mate

  22. Dana Everhart

    Alex Gamble. AGM Model pictured in this video! What a stunning video my brother! You rock Alex cheers 🍻 mate! Hey Alex, I just ordered a 87 MK III HANDMADE High output DISTORTION PEDAL from Guitar Slinger Products from Germany 🇩🇪. Checkout the videos that have just came out. I’d love to see you do a product review of one. It’s a amp – modeler of a 1987 Mesa Boogie Mark 3 Coliseum 200 watt like John Sykes used for Whitesnake “Still of the night” and others off that album. Really great pedal, $268 shipped from Germany 🇩🇪. Just thought you would enjoy hearing one and moreover play one. Peace ☮️ sincerely, Dana

  23. Adonis Lajara

    I do respect FG and get inspire by him, But I have to say that for me you are the evolution of him to a higher level, cause you have extended and incorporated others techniques besides mastering the Economy pickings. Cheers Master.

  24. Hello Alex, do you improvise to the key of the song or to the scales or both?

  25. Bart Haan, de

    Like water!

  26. The scroll has given him power!

  27. Wow I think that was the cleanest and fasted pentatonics I’ve heard.

  28. Pablus Hansen Official

    Amazing!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔥

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