How To Make a Stained Glass Mirror

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  1. you make cool stuff

  2. the real stained glass mirror is the friends in the reflection

  3. Off topic but i love your voice its so soothing

  4. Kaylee Duquaine

    😂 rough to treasure

  5. if you do decide to have another go at stained glass, i'd love to see it here! your process and designs are super cool

  6. The amount of work you do is so crazy, but I love it. I love how you show all of your mistakes too!! Keep it up!! Looks incredible

  7. Lauren Larsen

    This came out so good considering how intricate and tiny those pieces are! The mirror rot ads to the design honestly 😀

  8. Grinding the middle bit isssss soooo satisfying to watch .

  9. This is so great! So neat!! After foiling burnish it so the foil won’t lift Next time please use a mask when grinding and soldering. Can possibly get lead poisoning and glass dust isn’t the greatest to breathe in ,Take precautions!! When I started I would always go back to sun bear glass craft she gives lots of good tips and stained glass diy great for beginners!

  10. Belinda Short

    you might want to consider getting a set of glass breaking pliers, they help immensely

  11. Chandler Sudden

    i want this so bad 🥹

  12. Great result. Don't worry about the mirror rot, I think it adds to the look.

  13. steelstrings87

    THANK YOU for failing so many times and showing it to us. Ppl have no idea how much work a piece like this takes.

  14. why do i feel like i've seen this video

  15. Lollie Horton

    wow this looks so awesome

  16. You really have a need to complicate your life ✨ amazing art tho 🤍

  17. It was precious to see your friends pop up when you finally got the mirror, always fun to watch your vids !! Also, that ring of a hand grabbing your finger is siiick

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  19. Karma The Goat

    I think the broken mirror could of worked out for the design. It's lovely anyway. It's really eye-catching!

  20. Sorena Dadgar

    The time and dedication for this mirror 🤯🤯 shit looks sooooo good

  21. Roarke Charlie

    Do another mirror video 👏🏽🇨🇦

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  23. Is this a reupload? I swear its the same video as the other heart shaped one

  24. Loving Mayberry

    Love this project!! 💙
    I think the mirror rot gives it character! 👍

  25. Gilbert Tremblay

    It looks awesome! good job man

  26. Please where are your gloves 😭

  27. friedbaloniTV

    Sorry about your 49 years of bad luck from the 7 mirrors you broke, awesome final product tho!

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