How to make your calligraphy 3D (add shadows to lettering) aesthetic tutorial 🌱🤩 #shorts

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  1. Why did the music just die like that 😂

  2. Please do leiya

  3. Can you do Willa pls

  4. Can u do Abby?

  5. Madisyn Ashley

    I’ve always been wondering how to do this.

  6. ☕𝐵𝑙𝑜𝑠𝑠𝑜𝑚 𝑇𝑒𝑎☕

    Where Do you Buy Your Pens? I need them lol

  7. Can u do Laiba pls

  8. لوليا نجاتي


  9. Please can you write the name Aarya

  10. That literally looks 3d 😍😍

  11. Can you please write my name "Sonakshi Saha"

  12. Day 3 of asking if you could do Dayeon

  13. starlight Stacy

    Can you write shrinika

  14. Jelly Sofiagamergirl22

    Can you pls write sneakers army

  15. what is the paper do you use

  16. Tweedle. Tweedle is my last name, but everyone calls me Tweedle d or Tweedle dumb. And I really want it to be written. Now, i am going to copy and paste this. But I am not a bot 🙂

  17. Hi I did a calligraphy video thing using your tutorial thank you so much for teaching us Lia!

  18. Can you do Anna in black and have a purple shadow? Day 1

  19. Marisol. Silva

    Can you do keyla please and also your the best🙂

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