1532 How To Make A DIY Nuclear Battery

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  1. Sauceman777 Sauceman777

    You also made a radiation detector

  2. Christian Worton

    Seems to be that most of the smoke detectors are photoelectric sensors and not ionising ones with a useful source inside – or am I misunderstanding?

  3. 0.13 volts not really useable but yes a demo… I prefer to use two dissimilar metals driven the ground and make a good old earth battery.

  4. Peter Warrendark

    Use salt to capture gamma radiation. 6000 years free energy.

  5. If I make enough, maybe they will power an electric car. 🙂

  6. Probably enough for some CMOS device you wanted to run forever.

  7. Martin Winfield

    Thanks very informative and interesting. May arose some suspensions at the checkout with 200 smoke detectors in the trolley. Remember do not point it at your heads. 🤣

  8. How was max result, 133V or 0,133V?

  9. Richard Sandwell

    What a great video, so enjoyable.

  10. Fantastic…. VIEW THIS PEOPLE…. AND THINK…

  11. Stewart Palmer

    So sweet. Now make several and have a phone charging station. Well done.

  12. I had both my spanners, a screw driver and a hammer at the ready for my first attempt at a 40Kt pot-hole creator, maybe next time.

  13. Betty Swallocks

    “We’re going to build a DIY nuclear battery…” should be delivered with, as a minimum, a “Mwahahaaa!” and moustache twirl. Or a fluffy white cat.

  14. So for short the am is emiting radiation and the npn acts as a filter? To redirect/collect the +- current

  15. I had a little one from a test failed satellite, I don't think I was meant to have it, I was really young and when someone explained what the yellow symbol was I panicked and threw it out in the rubbish.

  16. what can others use the radioactive ,,,furthermore…. ty

  17. Twisted metal3333

    ⚠️ Warning mad scientist at work ⚠️
    Awesome video, lol

  18. evilcanofdrpepper

    Sounds like the kind of low power battery that would greatly benefit from a joule thief circuit, though that's just a guess.

  19. Can you try to make one with tritium vials and solar cells? Be cool to see something that can actually flash an LED every so often.

  20. Question would that work with a regular solar cell or panel

  21. Me hearing "you'll be in your grave before the pacemaker battery runs out" (~2:25) and imaging a group of doctors standing around a corpse (that still has a pulse) while scratching their heads – then scene cuts over to… Nuclear Zombies!

  22. Yes I See From My ASS HOLE It's A Nuclear END One Way Or The Other Any Time Now Math Shows The Way Of Greed Lies Come DUE In The Cancer lotto

  23. Beamer The reason they weren't widespread is because the method of making sheets of diamonds easily and cheaply is new so the opportunity was not there untill now. But tuning rectifiers into batteries is not and I saw how it was done over 50 years ogo.

  24. How much power in total can you expect from one of these?

  25. Will be interesting to connect it to audio amplifier and check witch kind of noise it creating ?

  26. what if you used an actual solar panel? would that produce more power?

  27. So, are you saying that you could point these at solar cells and produce power?

  28. The alpha particles emitted by the Americium 241 in smoke detectors have a short range. They are so weak that they can be stopped by a single sheet of paper.

  29. OR a more safe clean DIY for noob viewers is to get a light emitting radioactive Tritium keychain and wrap a small solar cell around it. Nurdrage did some time ago

  30. Excellent video as always!

  31. Radium 226 paint on a rectifier diode.

  32. ☢ Crazy beyond imagination… 🤣
    Good job, Rob! 👍
    (IIRC, my grandpa had a pacemaker with such nuclear battery from ~1977-1996…)

  33. No… the battery will last essentially forever. After 430 years, it will be 50% as strong. After another 430 years, or 860 years total it will be 25% as strong, etc.

  34. it did not work

  35. That's really cool. Glad my solar panels will still work after a nuclear war! Was worried the grey skies would render them useless. Not so worried about Russia now!

  36. You're right to say the alpha won't make it through the back of the casing but the gamma probably will. I don't know off hand what gamma energies are from Am-241 but you're probably irradiating your fingers. That source is probably limited to 40 kBq (ish) so I can't imagine you'll have a significant issue just for the love of God DO NOT damage the source itself. The harm to you and others will be orders of magnitude worse if ingested or inhaled rather than a bit of shine from an undamaged source.

  37. Anthony Rickard ii

    Definitely a awesome video. Question? Probably a dumb one what would happen if you shot x-ray to americium? would it increase it or ?

  38. Wicked man, very entertaining

  39. You can also use tritium vials with a solar cell.

  40. Maybe I'm the stupid one for asking this question; The 2N3055 transistor sitting there all quiet with the lid torn off exposing the semi-conductor is producing (as pointed out by Rob, a 1/4 of a volt in ambient light). Placing the Americium radiation source over it and it (the transistor) produces "less". Obviously the light source will got out, or be intermittent. Rob, what would happen if both sources are combined? Can both sources be combined?

  41. loved it…. THANK'S ROB

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