How to Make Interiors in Blender (Tutorial)

sinh tố về các bước cần thiết để tạo ra một thú vị, bao gồm các quy tắc và lời khuyên cho thiết kế nội thất! Dấu hiệu chương: 0:00 – Giới thiệu 1:27 – Phần 1 Làm căn phòng trống 10:09 – Phần 2 Nơi tìm mô hình 13:26 – Phần 3 Cơ bản về thiết kế nội thất 26:51 – Kết thúc LINKS CHUNG KẾT NỐI: * CCO Human Mô hình tham chiếu quy mô: * HDRI Haven: Cái tôi đã sử dụng: * Phần mềm PureRef: * Đăng ký nhận bản tin ‘Tuần này ở chế độ 3D’: POLIIGON LIÊN KẾT ĐƯỢC GÓP Ý: * Sàn gỗ Poliigon: * Tiện ích chuyển đổi vật liệu Poliigon: * Các mẫu ghế: * Nhà máy mô hình: * Mô hình thảm: * Đồ trang trí thực phẩm: CÁC ĐỊA ĐIỂM MÔ HÌNH 3D MIỄN PHÍ ĐƯỢC GỬI: * Turbosquid: * CGTrader: * 3Dsky: * Dimensiva: * 3DModelHaven: * Blendswap: * Sketchfab CC0 Cổ vật Lịch sử: HÀNG MIỄN PHÍ CỦA TÔI (nhập $ 0 khi thanh toán): * Ghế Soborg * Ghế dài William: * Rèm xếp nếp: * Mẹo kiến ​​trúc PDF: KIỂM TRA THIẾT KẾ NỘI THẤT: * Phòng trưng bày thiết kế nội thất Behance: * Dezeen: * Arch Daily: * Pinterest: ————– ——————————— Theo dõi tôi: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ArtStation: Máy xay sinh tố Guru: Poliigon :.

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  1. Just when I needed it!!!! Thankssssss

  2. Picking furniture you like is a no-brainer. Picking out furniture that you will still like once it’s beside your other acquisitions is why you hire interior decorators.

  3. So much info missing on how to actually get the stuff done… I see the thousands of positive comments, but to me this video was really not that great… He flies through the instructions, doesn't mention shortcuts, or how to edit the glass nodes, how to actually add the furniture models… Not a good instructor!

  4. Thank you. It helped me a lot.

  5. I tried to import the human reference as FBX,OBJ and also the append option. None of them worked. What am I doing wrong? Could someone help me please?

  6. Thanks, Andrew. Very helpful and inspiring. Do you know who’s doing exterior modeling or any plans to create one yourself?

  7. wobo osaruchi. c

    Pls can i get a whatsapp chat with u, i really want to be a guru using blender to do my architectural 3D

  8. Amazing content as always, bravo.

  9. love u r stuff great mentor

  10. I am having a OCD triggered anxiety attack……. the fan is skipping and its not a seamless repeated transition……

  11. thanks a lot for this tutorial!

  12. Dushyant Idhatia

    i do started learning blender with your tutorials. you have always something cool to learn from. thanks very much

  13. Diana Tevanian

    The best tutorials as always!! Thank you!

  14. You changed my modeling life forever! Thank you modeling master!

  15. just modeled my room, took 3 hours but it lools kinda good

  16. Anthony Rampolla

    Hello, great video. Do you do freelance work? Would love to have you improve on some projects for us. I don't want to call it easy because i can't do it, but based off of this video it should be a piece of cake for you.

  17. Art Therapy with Elyza Rodriguez

    You’re an incredible soul! Thanks for adding light to the world!

  18. I somehow feel horrendously disheartened that professional architecture firms will demand you not model anything yourself (unless its something specific)


    Galloping through the very first part …. is a problem.

  20. please tell me how to move the camera forward

  21. Chris Walsh Films

    MAnnnn This video is elite.

  22. If this video was 10 hours long, I'd happily watch every bit of it <3

  23. I'm struggling to keep the camera in the room and frame the subject. I lock the camera on the view and then navigate around but I seem to always be backing out of the back wall. I kind of made the room a tunnel to get more in frame. It seems that Andrew is not even thinking about this so I must be doing something wrong.

  24. Milan Švancara

    ''Make a model when it's simple enough''
    Me: ''Oh that looks simple''
    One week later: ''Finally, I did it! Oh damn wait, I was supposed to be doing the whole interior, not just one carpet''

  25. Kevin Lim Wanasili

    Every artist, must start with the default cube… 🗿🗿🗿

  26. Stefan Musikic

    Like others have said, so much good stuff and so much wisdom in one tutorial. A big BRAVO, and a big THANK YOU 👏👏👏

  27. Great help for me Andrew, thank you! On a funny note, as you were explaining how those who build their own furniture pieces tend to have a harder time letting them go, when they do not fit, your marvelous (but totally unfitting for this particular room) wooden chair just sits there tucked in the sofa 😛

  28. Thanks Andrew, i'm under 1.76m

  29. Amazing tutorial, thank you!

  30. Nathaniel Twyman

    2:20 in and "edit mode" has me stuck, guess I'm going back to the donut tut

  31. michael cartwright

    This has been my go to video for the last year. @blenderguru is there a way to bake the scene in cycle in the same way you can in eevee? Did you 'brute force' the animations shown in the end of this video? Thanks

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