How to make Quick & Easy Cinnamon Buns!!

Nguyên liệu cần có: bánh cuốn: – 1 ống cuộn lưỡi liềm – 3 muỗng canh bơ không muối (đun chảy) – 1/4 chén đường nâu nhạt – 1/2 muỗng canh bột xay: – 1 chén đường bột – 2 muỗng canh sữa (nửa và nửa dùng được) ) – 1 muỗng cà phê chiết xuất vani Bạn có thể giúp ủng hộ kênh của tôi bằng cách đóng góp thông qua nút “siêu cảm ơn” bên dưới video hoặc liên kết PayPal của tôi tại đây – Vui lòng kiểm tra cửa hàng etsy của tôi tại – Xem kênh khác của tôi “Trò chơi sợi nhện “tại – Đây là liên kết đến cửa hàng Teespring của tôi, nơi bạn có thể tìm thấy hàng hóa mới của tôi cùng với thiết kế ban đầu – Đây là địa chỉ PO Box của tôi nếu bạn muốn gửi cho tôi một dòng hoặc bạn có gì 😊 Fibre Spider PO Box 654 Ridge, NY 11961 Vui lòng ghi rõ xem nội dung bạn gửi có thể được mở trên máy ảnh (họ và địa chỉ sẽ bị bỏ qua) hoặc nếu bạn muốn giữ nó ở chế độ riêng tư. .

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  1. Just lean on God ❤️and crochet

    Your cinnamon rolls looks so delicious I’m going to have to try it. I really enjoyed this video, love your apron and oven gloves, you are so amazing 👍❤️God bless you.

  2. Just lean on God ❤️and crochet

    Funny I also freak out when that container pops lol. You are the sweetest person ever I love to wash your videos and by the way I’m making the hexagon sweater hope it comes out perfect like yours ❤️👍😘

  3. Saundra Callender

    I just loved this video! You are as sweet as those cinnamon buns. Thanks for sharing!💜

  4. Helen Sanchez


  5. Yum! Thank you!

  6. Obsessive Crochet Disorder

    I think you will find that they would stay together better if you brushed them with the remaining butter as you rolled them up. I would also mix the sugar and cinnamon thoroughly with a spoon before sprinkling it, also with the spoon. A teaspoon of vanilla extract sounds an awful lot, and personally, as a vanilla hater, I would omit it. The icing is almost too thin-looking. I would advise adding the milk gradually. It IS hard work, but worth it! And let them cool almost completely before icing. But you did very well for a first attempt, and that isn’t being patronising, it’s old age and years of cooking behind me! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Esperanza Martinez

    OMG!! They look so yummy!!! You need some coffee now! ☕😊

  8. Looks delicious!

  9. Classic Raptor

    Partner these up with coffee and your set! Delicious looking.

  10. Don’t add more milk to the icing cuz it’s gonna melt when you put it on the hot rolls

  11. You are so great. I love your crochet videos but I have to say, your cooking shows sure do run them a close second. You are fun to watch, regardless of what you are doing. ❤️

  12. Who else thinks the best part of this video what the commentary while he was trying to open the can of crescent dough?? 🙋🏽‍♀️ 😂

  13. Alicia Cooper

    Oh just yum!!!! These look delicious!

  14. Now this is a recipe I can make with my 4 year old. The baby can watch you crochet, he loves listening to you craft.

  15. What kind of knife are you using?

  16. Looks super yummy! Thanks for sharing this super easy recipe

  17. shirley Gonyer

    They look lovely. Can you have one for me I can't have cinnamon

  18. Teency Kizmitt

    I learned how to make these, just not with cresant rolls. With self rising flour, in Home Economics. I don't think they teach that in school anymore. Explains a lot🤷.
    Haven't made in awhile but Thank You for the memories…( Try lightly flouring paper..)
    Stay Safe and Be Blessed

  19. Pecans chopped sprinkled on top before baking for a little crunch and then use maple extract for the icing. Thanks, it was fun watching.

  20. jerry curtiss

    I’m gonna make these. I made your peppermint patties and they were fabulous.

  21. They look deliciously scrumptious I gotta try them. We've made donuts from the buttermilk biscuit that come in the rolls and they come out pretty good too. Thank you for sharing. 🧶😋🧶

  22. If you make these the next time, try lifting the parchment paper to start your roll. Also use dental floss to cut them. You will have to go underneath.

  23. Love, love, love your "in the kitchen with Fiber Spider" videos. These look delicious, but then everything you've made so far made me very hungry. Great job again, Craig. More please!

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