How to make Delicious Easter Bread

tươi sáng và đậm chất lễ hội này rất dễ làm. Món bánh mì truyền thống này là một công thức hấp dẫn tạo nên một món quà tuyệt vời cũng như nó có một loại bột bện đầy hương vị được tạo thành một vòng hoa! Loại bánh mì men mềm, mềm và hơi ngọt này được trang trí với những quả trứng và rắc đầy màu sắc, tạo nên một sự bổ sung đẹp mắt cho lễ hội Phục sinh của bạn. NHẬN XÉT: ĐẶT HÀNG TRƯỚC SÁCH CỦA TÔI! ĐĂNG KÝ ► ————————————————– ————————– THÊM TÔI VÀO: Tiktok: Instagram: Pinterest: Trang web: Amazon: Facebook :.

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  1. Loved this! We used to all make a special decorated egg to be our champion in the egg fights Easter morning- so much fun- great memories! Thanks for sharing this. Love from CT

  2. I made this bread and it was a hit at the church breakfast

  3. Barnacleboysleftasscheek

    I made this today as my first yeast bread and it was absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to make it for a holiday

  4. Eleni Fouskaki

    I have no words. You're amazing! Thank you for this recipe! Personally, I've never liked the traditional spices (masticha and machlepi). I prefer your version of tsoureki. Χριστός Ανέστη!😊🕯️✝️🐑

  5. Rasputan Rasputan

    My Pop always bought a huge ring of Easter bread from an Italian bakery..Good memories…

  6. Oh my goodness! That’s the cutest bake ever! How did I miss this????

  7. John, HELP! My dough rolled into a ball almost immediately. The dough was hard to work with! WHAAAAT?! After baking, I could see the 'stretch marks' of the dough – so sad. What did I do wrong? I have watched your video a dozen times. I printed out the recipe. Could it be the butter? 1/3 cup? I followed that to a T! The cake rose, so the yeast was okay. ???

  8. Hi I have a question is your bread sweet or does it taste more than just like sandwich bread??

  9. Denise El Bacha

    I love watching you cooking and baking. We love your waffles recipe. We are Lebanese and we the have the cracking eggs tradition on Easter 🐣

  10. Bert Van der vorst

    That.s what I need 🥴 i.ll never seen this before 🙄 maybee An 10000 Times in you tube.

  11. Jess Tha'Pretty Greek'Gal

    I love when you said it reminded you off Greek bread and that you are part Greek me too

  12. Madalena Wood

    I just love u!!! I tried this today to take to a easter party tomorrow but I will not sure if my cheapy mixer did the job. My dough has been rising for 2 hours n it did not get as big as yours either so fingers crossed it comes out tasty lol

  13. Mommy and daughter

    I love it. In Ukraine we have the same Easter egg traditional 😊

  14. P.M. Patterson

    Between you and your husband…who is the comedian and makes the other laugh more? I’m guessing you are naturally and innocently funny and Brian might have a bit of a lightly sarcastic, well-thought out sense of humor.
    That’s my husband and I to a tee, so I can appreciate that. Laughter is so important in a relationship. It can make bad days good and good days better.

  15. Great recipe content.

  16. Denise Eulert

    I'm glad I saw this. I need to bring something to an Easter brunch at church and as bread is my favorite thing this looks perfect!

  17. Wooow, it s look verry delicious, here in Germany , that's a tradition , to make this Bread on Eastern with the color eggs 😉or we bake little breads and drop the egg in the Middle 😅
    I wish you and your Family a very happy and blessed Easter 😊🐰

  18. Christine Hickey

    love the pink eggs!

  19. John, Thank you so much. My first try at this was very successful. Appreciated your step by step approach and personal touch with the cracking eggs. i actually won last night with the egg cracking! My Easter Bread looks amazing and can't wait till Sunday to slice and taste.

  20. Terry Skupowski

    I have made this several times, a coworker gave me the recipe years ago and this is the first time I have seen it made on YouTube. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Colleen Garcia

    I made this today with my mum and it was so much fun! I was a bit confused when I had to braid the dough but my mum kept me going. She took the ends of my hair while I took the ends of the dough and we began braiding together. It was so funny but my heart was warm by the end of our baking session.Thank you for sharing this recipe! It’s been awhile since my mum baked bread with me and she really enjoyed it.

  22. Is this like a Greek tsoureki?

  23. might be a dumb question…but do you eat the eggs on top or are they just decoration?

  24. We did this at Easter but the Eggs had yo be red for the blood of Christ.
    Thank you.
    How do I do this by hand? No mixers.

  25. Barbara Kempf

    Need recipes for glutten free celiac people

  26. judi kochanka

    Ok bread is in warming oven…have never attempted bread making and thot…hmmm…Easter weekend..why not! Have tried so many of your other recipes with success so i am sure this will be successful too! Will update later….gulp

  27. You're bread looks delicious!!

  28. Nancy Karause

    I actually like the pink ones better than the blue

  29. I love the pink eggs they look speckled

  30. Rustic HIllbilly

    Easter bread, when baked in a wreath, symbolizes the crown of thorns placed on the head of Jesus. When braided with 3 pieces, it symbolizes the holy trinity. When baked with the egg, it's supposed to symbolize rebirth or the resurrection.

  31. مطبخ الزوالية طبخ ام محمد

    تسلم الايادي يبدو شهي

  32. I'm from Bulgaria and we do the egg-cracking tradition as well😊

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