How To Make a Zombie Penguin In The Refrigerator Diorama / Polymer Clay

Tôi đã làm một con zombie trong tôi hy vọng các bạn sẽ thích! Dụng cụ: Đất sét polyme, UV Resin, Foamex Cảm ơn đã xem! Tôi hy vọng gặp bạn video tiếp theo! .

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  1. Liberal Hindu

    You are so obsessed with Zombies 😁

  2. If your family see this they would freak out so try to make a chest a special one the one that has a lock finger frint they would'nt even know

  3. Saptarshi Sutradhar

    Failures are the pillars of success.. Well done.. Amazed by your skill,talent & hardwork..god bless


    no ablo ingles pero me gustan mucho

  5. Ты зачто его так

  6. Are you serious

  7. Goldenberg Kidsaccount

    Me quietly sobbing after watching this

  8. Jayshree Mudgal

    Your videos are so relaxing 😌

  9. Why don't you make the floor and walls clay


  11. Thank you for showing your "failure." It's so important for creators to know they won't always nail the first try.

  12. Viktor Lecter

    To make things scarier, just say that that is an Adélie penguin.

  13. Carlie Griffin


  14. Can you please make a minecraft zombie and creeper😇😇😇😇😇💖

  15. DarknessFalls

    Even the first bird you made looked so awesome

  16. This is why we throw rotting food out!
    Ngl imma sub bc this is pretty damn cool.

  17. SuperbombYT animations

    Huh, that’s not the ketchup. (Closes door)

  18. Ольга Бондаренко


  19. Gabriel Pabustan

    is that piplup

  20. Tyler Gaming Shark

    I was at the Ending, and It's a Good Time to Tell. I was Doing the Voice of Tricky the Clown when Watching This The Entire Time

  21. Angie Sanchez

    Me gusto el bideo de sonic alien😘😘😘😍😍😍❤❤❤

  22. 😱👍👍

  23. зайка крестик

    А почему такой страшный?!

  24. The dedication and detail…. I’m AWESTRUCK!!!!

  25. Вождь Ирокезов

    Талант, безусловно, есть. Но все его работы – фантазия больного человека.

  26. What went wrong???

  27. Bit hard on yourself Jack……
    But theres nothing wrong with high standards in a chosen art…….. love your work bro.

  28. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. biggiecheese3000

    I wonder what would happen if you built a life size of this sculpture and let your friend open the fridge and see this that would be funny.

  30. Is a cool own but that sacred me allot

  31. Fedor Kushniruk

    1 King pengvin

  32. I thought the first one was good, but I do like the second better

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