[ASMR] How to make Slime without Borax #Shorts

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  1. Joseph Jewel Joy

    Wow..I have the same sppon

  2. santosh banjare

    Agar aap aise nahin karte hain to main aapke sath video ko dar se delete kar dunga aap soch lijiye nahin banaenge

  3. santosh banjare

    Bina kisi gone ke slime kaise banae vatariya kisi aur chij se aur use saline ko aap jameen per banana

  4. Challenge – make Slime without editing. And I made this slime but it was not made.

  5. Soda And glue

  6. sashreek official

    It works

  7. Rajnee Rastogi

    make Glucon- D slime …. Challenge

  8. Imanur Rahman

    Don't try

  9. fizi} channel}

    Wow si nice

  10. I hate this video you chat channel your video is so dumb and so your video is so


    Homemade slime without using Borax
    With Ariel powder

  12. No work 😠😠😡

  13. Challenge: Make Slime On Watch/ Clock

  14. Kotha Sujatha

    This is false

  15. Kotha Sujatha

    Yeah it's true

  16. Mine worked perfectly, I used glow in the dark PVA glue and it’s so fun to play with.

  17. Warrior Hunterz

    People- let's check comments
    Me – reading comments people be like roses are red violets are blue lockdown came and i still don't have glue

  18. I make it and it works 😊 thanks for youe help

  19. Chandni Singh

    It doesn't work 🐱

  20. I tried it and it is always fail

  21. Bharat Sheladiya

    Hctc rdvirjht:bsbhsjrbv:ja e mnt, zteva

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