How to Make the Best Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

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  1. Melissa Green

    Made this and it was super delish! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. I’m excited to buy your book!

  3. Michael Bloomberg

    How do you learn how to cook so well?

  4. What kind of cream do you add? The cream you added is it thick whipping cream or regulars cream

  5. Stacy Dougherty

    Wow! I never knew any of that! I will never use my paddle attachment for buttercream ever again!!!!!! You ROCK!

  6. Barbara Miller

    i thought you were going to use a paddle

  7. I love how every now and again some of the videos just turn into chaos, they are fun to see 🙂

    I will try your buttercream out one day when I get the chance!

  8. Can I use melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder?

  9. John: "just do it like macaronage" 😀

    Me: baking anxiety intensifies 🥴

  10. EndangeredPanda

    i want to make this with 100gms so what measurements should i use for the buttercream

  11. I recommend using a whisk to mix then switch to a paddle to get it smooth once it is done.

  12. MommaKitty Hiking

    I'm a lemon addict and love all things lemon. My dream is to have a couple of Meyer lemon trees. <3 This recipe looks amazing, once I get my new scale tomorrow I'm making this!!

  13. 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍

  14. I usually sift the powdered sugar and cocoa together into the butter.

  15. Kelsie Pierce

    Everytime I'm learning something new in the kitchen, I always check for a preppy kitchen video! You never fail me🥰

  16. Sometimes i wonder if baking is just to messy for me to pursue. Then i watch John's videos and wonder if it's also too messy for John to pursue.😂😂😂😂

  17. Heather Carlson


  18. Heavy cream is plain simple cream in Pakistan
    Please tell John.

  19. Can you please do a video to make whipped cream frosting?

  20. Marisa Sumaylo

    Wow i need this recipe thank you

  21. siobhan murphy

    Could I use this as a filling for bon bons

  22. I'm a Virgo also and I'm also a perfectionist. If my cake or cookie are not to my liking, in the trash it goes! You gave me a great tip to get rid of the air bubbles.

  23. My baking guru. ❤

  24. Gonna use this for my husband’s birthday cake next week

  25. Hi John can you freeze buttercream if I've made far too much. Love this recipe so thank you

  26. If John saw my kitchen he would immediately contact the authorities to get my gay card revoked lol

  27. cooking in 5 minutes آشپزی در پنج دقیقه

    Thank you for good recipe and delicious😋👍🙏

  28. The Best Bird

    I tried out your American buttercream recipe and my buttercream was WAYYYYYYY to sweet and even though I let it mix for a long time the powdered sugar was like tiny grains even though I sifted it and the buttercream melted in your mouth almost like you just ate powdered sugar it also didn't have the flavor of like cupcake buttercream. do you know why this happened

  29. Sweetie Loulita

    LOL Virgo Feelings… I know a virgo and can confirm 😂

  30. Looks delish! Cannot wait to try! I don't usually like buttercream bc it's too sweet but I haven't tried chocolate. THX!!!!
    Why do you start the video saying you are going to use the paddle then immediately change course and use the whisk?
    Pls get rid of the beeps. For those of us watching while wearing headphones they are extremely loud.

  31. Premila Subbiah

    I love watching your videos John. I live in a hot and humid country. Whisking the butter for a few mins will make make it liquid. How do we make it fluffy?

  32. Joana San jose

    u remind me of nygma from the series gotham

  33. The chocolate instead of the cocoa in the butter wouldnt make it too liquidy?

  34. Have you ever used black onyx cocoa powder?
    It's amazing,!
    Baked goods are absolutely almost black, and frosting are super dark. And it tastes like Oreos! Great for Halloween goodies!

  35. omshree shetty

    I tried this recipe today and my butter cream kind tasted salty…
    I have used unsalted butter..can anyone please let me know what could Hage gone wrong

  36. Ridhi Bhandari

    My butter cream doesn’t look or taste good
    It’s just taste like butter with sugar
    And sugar lupus can be seen 🥲

  37. Jeremy Markle

    Cvvcvg be dv

  38. Excellent and practical👍🌷

  39. Monique Hebert

    That’s me!! Virgo

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