How To Make Perfect Gumbo

Hãy chuẩn bị để yêu Hải sản Filé Gumbo bé yêu! Phần thưởng: Học roux nâu sẫm chỉ trong 5 phút. Tìm công thức tại đây: Theo dõi Chef Kenneth Temple tại đây: Theo dõi Chef Will Jones tại đây: 00:00 Giới thiệu 00:17 Lịch sử của Gumbo 01:00 Cổ phiếu 02:24 Gia vị 03:00 Hãy bắt đầu ! 03:22 Đậu bắp 03:42 Roux 04:00 5 phút Roux Hack 04:39 Holy Trinity 05:03 Thêm thành phần 05:21 Chọn protein của bạn 05:40 Đun sôi 06:00 Kiểm tra vị giác 06:06 Thêm tôm 06:16 Thời gian ăn con! 06:33 Kết thúc với Filé Powder Đăng ký Tasty: Tasty Kênh YouTube chính thức về tất cả mọi thứ Tasty, mạng thực phẩm lớn nhất thế giới. Từ , tài năng đẳng cấp thế giới và dụng cụ nấu ăn hàng đầu, chúng tôi giúp kết nối những người yêu thích ẩm thực theo mọi cách họ tương tác với thực phẩm. Kết nối với Tasty: Mua sắm hàng hóa Tasty MỚI: Đăng ký bản tin Tasty: Thích chúng tôi trên Facebook: Theo dõi chúng tôi trên Instagram: Theo dõi chúng tôi trên Twitter: Kiểm tra trang web của chúng tôi: Mua dòng Đồ dùng nhà bếp Tasty: Tín dụng: MUSIC Được cấp phép qua Mạng âm thanh VIDEO Trắng hơi nước từ đồ uống nóng trên nền đen trong chuyển động chậm. Hình ảnh Ekaterina Goncharova / Getty.

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  1. brandon lantier

    Man this is the most comprehensive gumbo how to Ive seen yet! Thank you for properly representing one of our most beloved dishes, much love from the Flatts!

  2. Got too caught up in the accent.

  3. What happened to the crab in the stock was that just thrown out?

  4. The Glamorous Life of Nae

    This was so nice to watch! Thank you so much. 💖

  5. I'd never heard of Gumbo ever in my life. Thank you internet! I'm from the Uk so all I need is sassafras leaves (whatever they are) and I'm ready to go.

  6. Ashley Harris

    I don’t eat gumbo, but I understand it’s significance to my people’s culture

  7. Kristine Twenty

    LOVE the accent
    LOVE the recipe!!!!

  8. Growing up in Calcasieu Parish, with family on the Gulf in Cameron Parish, we would do seafood gumbo mainly. We’d even pop oysters in it right before serving. SO GOOD!

    My grandmother would put the filet in the rough. Makes a difference!

  9. I know that voice! Kenneth Temple baby!

  10. Who is this guy

  11. Edward Scruggs

    Yeah you did this right here, excellent job chef

  12. Beverly Riley

    Hey baby.…. That's New Orleans. I hate gumbo videos but When he started to talk I knew it would be authentic ! Great job

  13. Very nice presentation, about a dish that has so many riffs. Good basics though. Of course, I don't do it that same way.


  15. Beverly Stevens

    Thanks so .much about frying the okra..I've never heard it before

  16. Beverly Stevens

    Iove me some gumbo..That looks sooooo good..I'm going to try this recipe soon

  17. Jirawat Sutipayakul

    Love the explanation of the history and the dish itself. Very well taught.

  18. I loved this. As someone who grew up in New Orleans, this connected with me so much. I didn't know gumbo had native American roots to it. My dad always uses the Holy trinity of veggies when he cooks. My aunt made some seafood gumbo once and it was delicious. My family usually eats the ya ya version though. I definitely want to try this recipe out. Thanks for giving me a piece of home.

  19. 겟푸드 getfood

    kimchi tteokbokki kimbap if u want to check come here!!

  20. Gumbo is a blend of Spanish, French, Native American, African.

  21. Lavontia Coleman


  22. MarBear Forever

    🥰🤤😋😍 I love Gumbo

  23. Will be trying very soon

  24. Dwayne Morgan

    Looks good. Please leave measurements on the next video.

  25. Bradley Jeansonne

    Very well done! Techniques and advice are exactly right. I grew up in New Orleans, and now I live in Paris, France.. Gumbo has been a great way to remind myself of the taste of home since the pandemic hit. I usually go for chicken and sausage gumbo (rather hard to find Gulf Coast Blue Crab here). But we do have Okra.
    I cannot stress this enough – make your own stock! For gumbo yaya, just roast a whole chicken then throw in the bones and whatever's left from the chicken with some veggie scraps and seasoning. Then proceed exactly as the video says. Roux, Trinity, seasoning, stock, sausage and chicken. So good, I've never seen someone have only ONE bowl.

  26. I made gumbo 4-5 times in my life and never ever I have used blue crab shells to make stock. This is gonna elevate my game 10fold!!! What a great video.

  27. I made gumbo with a little help from CookingwithCarolyn and Smokin and Grillin with AB. I messed up the Roux like three times and finally got it right. Didn’t have file and it was still amazing.

  28. I can almost taste it! Hmm Hmm Hmm Yummy!

  29. The narration on this video was amazing💚 I’ve never had gumbo before but this looks absolutely delicious

  30. Alexandrea Alphonsus

    Thanks for sharing this with us 🥺🥺

  31. ChelzLovesPeanut

    Don’t know if this is exaggerated, but good job 😊😊😊

  32. I meant no offense. But when I heard the southern accent, I thought it was a white guy.

  33. Why didn’t he put the crabs back in?

  34. i want this man to read me a bed time story!

  35. Chef Zahid Balti


  36. අපි තමයි හොඳටම කලේ

    Will my skin turn into black colour after eating this?🤢🤢🤢🤢

  37. Thank you for proper representation!- Your Baton Rouge Sis!

  38. Rob Wind of Horus

    My god that voice is liquid gold 🤩

  39. Melanie Lortie

    Wow! Looks amazing! I now want to try Gumbo and Gumbo Ya-ya!

  40. Why is this not a mainstream dish ?! I absolutely loved the recipe

  41. KeepinitSimple

    Love gumbo but my belly is just so sensitive to it . 😩

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