How To Make a Chocolate Lava Cake

Hôm nay mình hướng dẫn các bạn lava cake nóng chảy socola tại nhà. Đây là công thức làm bánh choc lava ngon nhất. Xem Jeff thử nếm thử này: Bấm vào đây để đăng ký! –► Bạn có một video Gợi ý? Đăng nó trong Phần Bình luận, Liên hệ với tôi qua trang Facebook của tôi hoặc Tweet cho tôi! Kết nối với tôi! Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Kênh 2ND ► TikTok ► Áo sơ mi và bánh trứng “I’m HowToBasic” ► Biết ai đó thích bánh chocolate lava? Liên kết chúng với video này! .

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  1. Mc Laren Arenas

    Wow my mom like joke

  2. He has an egg to throw hahaha

  3. So thats how they make school lunch

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  7. You are a disgrace for wasting so much food!

  8. Angelo Braito

    Nice recipe
    It is actually good

  9. That way gaming

    whats the egg budget for these videos?

  10. I have no words for how good this is, made some for my friend, it was so good he never woke up again.

  11. carrotinanutshell

    thank you so much! i LOVE baking and lava cakes are one of my favourite cakes. this was soooo delicious and easy to make.

  12. 1:03 I LOVE this part 🤣

  13. The mussels in this dish really add a new, deeper flavor to this recipe would recommend

  14. Mario Chiquito

    I like how he used almost everything that exists to make it

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  16. I love this recipe; it helped alot. Now I can serve this lovely food to the school children!


  18. and thats how to make school food

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  20. This guy does not realize that there are children without eating in Africa

  21. YaBoiDeathshot

    looks delious can i buy one i dont have enough eggs

  22. why waste so much food? why?

  23. Vegemite is very ugly 🤮

  24. 👍 Man. This from my feet to dirty 😂

  25. Dude stop wasting food

  26. Jayden Builds!

    Made this for my pet fish, my fish is currently upside down and he hasnt moved for 5 weeks, bet he likes it so much

  27. Mishael's Variety of Vids

    Sayna oil

  28. Dragonite girl

    Me Thinking this is a regular vid:😌
    Me seeing the rest of the video:😳

  29. mohammad arsh

    My bro wasting so much food

  30. Mocha_Coffee103

    It doesnt taste like shit

  31. Mocha_Coffee103

    Best tutorial ever i rate it 10 out of 10

  32. Timofey Nechaev

    Cooking simulator sandbox be like:

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  34. purplebutterfly

    looking at that mixture actually made me want to throw up .

  35. 09-8TC2 Tan Dat

    The recipe is actually awesome
    I will try at home

  36. Kosaku Kawajiri

    Delicious! 😍 My kids loved it, and I rate it 5 stars!

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  41. When did spaghetti become part of a lava cake

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