Hair Stylist Reacts to 5-Minute Crafts Hair Hacks

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  1. Michael Adrian II

    can we all agree that they are still fun to watch thou haha. im out! peeps! gonna spray some onion juice up in my mane! gotta scare off them fbois.

  2. megakek derlelek

    Du bist ein richtiger Ehrenmann🙂👍.

  3. geishacrying wonjaemi

    terkadang video2 itu malah bikin ribet kalo di pikir2

  4. When he uses his Asian voice he sounds more like ownage pranks Asian character

  5. The thing with the crepe paper dye works actually so good, we used to dye our hair at school using a different take on this hack (we used to wet the hair and cut a strip of off the paper and wrap it around our hair and we left it on for like an hour). This actually lasted for a loooong time, like two months sometimes ✌️😅 I still use it 🤦‍♀️😂

  6. Deassy Apriani

    Bang pake sub indo dong..

  7. Cutting yo long hair to get an eyeshadow brush?.. Hmmm.. My creative brain said that you can get a very cheap good eyeshadow brush everywhere… Love yo hair girl… 🤣
    Tips: sometimes using your finger is working when you apply eyeshadow…

  8. Naufal Hasanuddin Djohan


  9. Jakeian Martinez

    this bitch is so sassy I love it ..

  10. Sumpah pas ketawa, gua ikut ketawa🤣🤣

  11. Ketawanya nular

  12. Damayanti Uchiha

    i just found your youtube channel yesterday and now i'm falling in love with you! love your expression so much, you made my day ❤ please keep uploading video in english. much love from Indonesia ❤❤

  13. Hahaha i like your laugh expression😂😂😂

  14. Gelya Ayu Citra Ezra Radinka

    The way you laugh make me laugh too😭😂

  15. Its crepe (pronounce like crape) paper

  16. You should do a Beauty Hack Review together with Raffa’s Plastic Life. That would be so hilarious

  17. 5:06 bro she got the Christmas lights on

  18. Why are you so sassy? Girl? Lol

  19. Omg you look so good in this video! Your Make Up is ammmaaaazzzinnngggg omfg!

  20. Der moment wenn man erst nach einer minute checkst dass du auf dem zweit kanal bist

  21. I thought his name was Adrian Michael like the vine

  22. Whip cream, why not just use whole milk if you wanna do the most lol

  23. I read the title and saw Harry Styles 😂

  24. Allison Miller

    Hes totally lost his mind and I love it

  25. The pink sheep

    The hair extensions really look ugly 😂

  26. Stinky_ Fishy

    Why do you speak the whole video english? 😂😂👌

  27. am i the only english person here, like this if your english

  28. keine ahnung bruh ;-;

    He is loughing because he don’t want to cry and thats f*cking funny😂😂😂❤️

  29. He gives me MANNY MUA vibes 😂

  30. Why would I cut my hair to make a brush?

  31. milena’s world

    Idk why are you laughing but im laughing with you 🤣

  32. When you can speak English abd German: Power 1000000

  33. Diese Idee mit den Haaren und dem Bleistift hat so leicht was von Hannibal Lecter. 😵

  34. Es war grade einfach eine Werbung in deinem Video wo eine frau ihre Haare in einen farbtopf steckt und damit "malt" 😂

  35. Bodyupdates please. I look so good really.

  36. "fermentation people! Coming thru!" Andddd i laugh until I almost pee myself 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Wen triggert auch dieser weiße Punkt(Fussel ?) Auf seinem Pulli 😣😂

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