Fernanda taught me how to make a Michelada

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  1. Johnny be good Berry Alan

    Had one In Mexico once

  2. 🤤🤤🤤

  3. omg she mentioned my city, i’m crying rn because i’ve never heard someone taking culinary references from monterrey, food content creators always recreate southern cuisine but never stuff from the north and it’s very very different🥺

  4. Who drinks spicy/sour drinks ? Wtf

  5. Ashley_mum.of.4.goblins

    I love this so much!! 🧡🧡

  6. Lilrobert Lopez

    A liter of a drink: "So this is a small one"

  7. ☹︎𓁹1m Sc4r3d𓁹☹︎

    Chamoy, ive never had it but it looks good and I kinda wanna get it

  8. Best drink ever

  9. I don't drink alcohol, but I do want this. It's bucket list worthy.

  10. I wish I could still have 😿

  11. I wish when we were in Mexico we drink we eat lol 😆

  12. Ah yes, double ice so they can charge you double for half a cup.

  13. Jonathan Dominguez

    Micheladas are the best, here in Mexico it's just a regular drink 🍻

  14. Very good Mama

  15. Wait till you see a licuachela, is a michelada (normally more on the sweet side) on a blender jar. Look it up is funny

  16. I’d LOVE to try this! I’m sure it’s wayyyy better than the tall boys I drink from 7/11 Lmaooo

  17. My mouth is watering! This is my favourite drink ever and it does cure hanovers lol.

  18. I always wondered are people supposed to lick the rim or is it just for decor

  19. Heartburn that’s worth the hospital chip

  20. “Bayarities” y’all. NOT varieties.

  21. Marie Renande Vielot Gauthier

    Day 3 of asking Lisa to bake a cake

  22. Have a happy day😜

    I wanna try that soooo bad

  23. where I've been they usually don't put ice in it because it dilutes it and ruins the flavor they just give you more beer and make sure it's really cold.

  24. Sarah Hernández

    Ay se me antojo una michelada 🤧

  25. pretend_we_re_dead

    thus is just mind-boggling. my brain is just screaming SPICY AF, but it's not.

  26. Gurl that looks fire!!!

  27. Hey Lisa! If you ever go to Mexico trust me hit the local bars in the area, you’ll fall in love! As long as you buy alcohol you’ll get served “botana” which is like a snack while drinking free of charge sometimes the botana will be like nuts and chips but other places serve tacos and other dishes for FREE! I miss living in Mexico 🇲🇽

  28. Hanni Matugas

    I'm looking at this and I'm 1) already in love and salivating but also 2) my butt is already on fire 😅😂💖

  29. Celeste Lopez

    Ay mijita ya voy pa Monterrey si mami chula to drink my michelada pues manito 🍻🍺🥤🍷🍸🍹🥤🥃🤗🥴

  30. Nanette Bravi

    I can’t wait to try this.

  31. Honestly whenever me or my family get micheladas we get de camarón and have a nice lil fancy seafood brunch being hungover as hell lmao

  32. hopefulbhilvary

    I am literally cultured and can not remember sentences to save my life I'm .. blessed to say the least but the way she said variety 😩

  33. Her voice is calming

  34. Shanice Nia Walterz

    “ this is a small one “ huh Jesus that’s huge

  35. 여자친구💙🤍

    Looks nasty

  36. OMG THIS IS TRUE!! When I went to Mexico to visit my family i saw lots of those

  37. She rimmed the glass and then made it only possible to drink with a straw 🤔🤨

  38. We don't do that in mexico wtf

  39. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. Tommie Foster

    All that for half a beer lol

  41. My mouth is literally watering

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