How To Make The Easiest Homemade Sauerkraut

Bạn cần có 2 nguyên liệu để làm nên món Sauerkraut ngon. Tất cả những gì bạn cần là muối, và Và với lễ hội ở đây, bây giờ là thời điểm hoàn hảo để bắt đầu một số món ăn. Dưa cải lấy bánh khi siêu dễ tại nhà. Nó thực sự là định nghĩa của một quá trình lên men nỗ lực thấp và trôi qua nhanh chóng. Công thức: Quy mô nhà bếp của tôi: Mason Jar Airlocks: Mason Jar Trọng lượng lên men: Bình chọn cho tôi ở đây (cuộn xuống dưới cùng để tìm tôi): THEO DÕI TÔI: Subreddit: Instagram: B-Roll Bài hát: Twitter: Facebook: —– ————————————————– ——–.

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  1. Britnee Targaryen


  2. Clara Alebrook

    Ironically… I was looking up a good sourcrout recipe.. thanks. I'll try this.. 😁

  3. Time Travellist

    Can I seal the top the sauerkraut with a pellicle of the scoby?

  4. Khalid Shareeh

    Do you need to wash the cabbage with tap water or not does the cabbage need to be washed after you but it from supermarket organic of course but does it need to be washed and dried or not you should add this in upur video

  5. Khalid Shareeh

    Brother new to all this can I use himalayan pink salt

  6. Eirini Amaniti

    My grandma was Dutch and I clearly remember her adding vinegar…I was pretty young back then, but how far am I?? 🤔

  7. Our Rooted Homestead

    Hi! My sauerkraut is on day 9. I did one head of cabbage and 1 1/2 tbsp of sea salt. I did fresh garlic cloves and dill in there as well. There’s a glass weight inside (on top of an outer leaf) to keep eveything down and I’ve been using a fermentation lid. Looks and smells fine but when I went to try it today I noticed the brine was slimy. I noticed there were some bubbles in there the last couple of days. What does this mean if it’s slimy? Should I just throw it away and start over? I’m afraid to eat it 😬

  8. Ceci Bee 🐝

    Thinks! I’ve gone by your recipe twice now and the first time I added way too much salt! This time, I made sure it was a good amount.

  9. Sauerkraut B roll is not as sexy as other foods for some reason 😉

  10. Th3 Luc1f3r14N

    Got a brew bucket from when I attempted meade. Gonna use that gear. Woot

  11. Do you get kosher pork chops?

  12. "Beat that hoe up" lmao

  13. Charlene Latimer

    I love saurkraut

  14. Just like kimchi in Korea! Lovely

  15. Our Rooted Homestead

    Just tried this! I used cabbage leaves on top and then used a glass weight to keep it down. What’s the wooden tool you used to mash it down? I need one of those!

  16. Víðarr Kerr

    2:12 "Beat that Hoe Up". Hahahaha! LOL!

    edit: For those that are new to this, the bag filled with water on top is so Important. It is absolutely Essential and there is No Other way to do it better than this. Don't listen to people talking about rocks/stones and other ridiculous methods. The bag of water will never fail you and your sauerkraut.

  17. I always thought sauerkraut was made with vinegar. Will give this a try.

  18. instead of plastic wrap on top add a half inch of olive oil to protect it from mold or contamination.

  19. Enteng Kabisote

    don't i need to wash the cabbage? it's allegedly organic.

  20. Such easy peasy recipe, that I ended up making it just after watching this video…. Thank you for sharing this ❤️❤️

  21. Nostalgia for Infinity

    Goddman numales and their lame effeminate, self-deprecating "humor". It doesn't make you look cool or attractive. It makes you look like a beta b*tch.

  22. How sour does it get?

  23. Tom Youngjohn 3


  24. swaroopa ambatipati


  25. Brendan Kelly

    Did anyone else see those forearms 👀?!

  26. Norma Martinez

    Wait…. sauerkraut has no vinegar in it.

  27. felixloveseat

    thanks! went through recipes and stopped here

  28. Best and easiest method yet, thanks.

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