Cats Testing Cat Hacks from 5 Minute Crafts

Cats Testing Cat Hacks from Pizza và Luna đã thử nghiệm những bản hack cat từ 5 Minute Crafts! Bạn nghĩ Pizza và Luna thích Cat Hack nào nhất? Bạn có thử bất kỳ bản nào trong số này không? Tôi hy vọng bạn thích loại video khác nhau này! Những cú là của kênh 5 Minute Crafts FAMILY và bạn có thể xem video tại đây: Xem câu chuyện giải cứu Pizza và Luna: Gửi yêu thương, gâu gâu và nhạy cảm! Về chúng tôi: Pizza là cậu bé gừng và Luna là cô gái màu xám. Cả hai đều là những chú mèo cứu hộ hiện đang sống cuộc sống tốt đẹp nhất của mình ở Sydney. Chào trên Instagram: @Pizza_and_Luna Thông qua Không mua sắm và hy vọng bạn thích video này! Bài hát được sử dụng trong video này: Hep Cats của Kevin MacLeod được cấp phép theo giấy phép Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. Nguồn: Nghệ sĩ: #cathacks #testingcathacks.

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  1. Flerken Cats DIY

    #1 put some treats inside and they will have longer fun with it 🙂
    #2 that is why I'm not big fan of 5 min crafts, that is not honest DIY
    #3 I made this out of a wooden drawer and it was a great success with my cats (I even have a video about it)
    #4 I like this, I think I'll try to make it too, but with some modification to be safe for cats
    #5 I think a box is always great for cats, whether you put a T-shirt over it or not. 🙂
    Great video 🙂👍

  2. Mark Krauklis

    Love this video. LOVE🤗 Pizza and Luna!🤩

  3. Pizza and Luna are sooo handsome!

  4. Leo's Day Off

    Lots of neat ideas for sure. The real winner here was Pizza and Luna who got to be the official testers of all the toys. 😺😺😺❤️❤️❤️🐈🐈🐈

  5. Or you could just toss an empty box or a crunched up piece of paper or aluminum foil on the floor — somewhere in the halls of cat academia they are (literally) scratching their heads over this strange compulsion of hoomans to re-invent the wheel

  6. Dr. Nirmal ❤️ Gordon the Engine in NYC🚂

    Mmmmmmwaaahhhhhh such sacred precious cottony miracles! These r some right clever hacks! Love it!

  7. Sharon Matias

    I need to make the t-shirt cat box. It's easy and my cats will love it I'm sure. Thanks for showing us these!

  8. Thanks for trying the hacks!! I love your videos, as a cat lover, since I get to see your cute kittens with some awesome content as well. And I'll be trying the shirt box thingy lol

  9. Patty and Willie

    You are so creative! I was actually laughing 🤣😆out loud when Luna, then Pizza, were sticking their hands in the holes as they tried to get the toy. That was really quite clever to stick the brush pad onto the chair leg. I know how cats 😸😻love to rub against things and try to groom themselves on random objects. Too bad the tape didn't hold it, but perhaps Velcro strips might work. Same with the treat dispenser…..that was just incredible. By the way, your 💅 nails are beautiful! Big like from Willie and I! 😺👩‍💼❤️

  10. Tina Hillsdon

    I think you would probably have two of the cutest cats

  11. Hehehe. I would be super lazy and buy Ritchie something…although these cat hacks looks pretty good..but I guess things aren't always what they seem. As long as our fur babies love it that's all that matters. I love Pizza and Luna…such sweethearts

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