Testing viral 5 minutes craft pop it hacks #shorts

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  1. please pin me

  2. Please pin me

  3. You are too good

  4. Naresh Krishna Bhatt

    Awesome 😊😊

  5. Rabeya Basari

    Yes her pop it broken on side

  6. sandeep singh

    You eat the soap

  7. Haseena Hameed

    Thuu pop it podiknn 🤮🤮🤮🤢

  8. How did u melt it

  9. Mahnoorbaloch Mahnoorbalocg

    Pop it phata he

  10. Himanshu joy in joy

    There is hole in pop it


    Kind youtuber

  12. Preksha's Sketch book

    Everyone – wow nice good
    Me – boroplus soap ? Omg i have seen for 1st time 😅😂😂
    I only knew the cream 😅

  13. I was making this and my mom kill me😅😅

  14. prashant shinde

    SO cute like it

  15. ur right Lalita

    Everyone. Good hack
    me.ha!ha!your popit is teared

  16. Everyone – Wow
    Me – why one pop it is missing

  17. Is nobody gonna talk about how one of the bubble is not there on the pop it

  18. Manju ki recipe

    Every one:- nice
    Me:- there is a smile on one pop up

  19. did someone noticed that there was a hole in the popit

  20. PunjabDiSherni💙

    Me-Is her Pop It broken I don't get one pop it also she is like one is broken I mean I have one so I treat it like a baby ur a proooo L0L !!

  21. Pop it fata hova h😁😄😅

  22. nice taland 👍👍❤❤💌💌

  23. Sandeep Patil

    Maine jab apka video 1 time video dekha toh muzhe laga ki ye 5 minute craft ka video laga

  24. Wow 🥺 beautiful

  25. I try and it work tysm 😊

  26. Deepak Rajput

    Please pin me

    Nice but your pop it is destroy one
    And BTS real army like my comment
    And very nice video I love it and I am your big fan I got a reply from you

  27. Raghavi nagar🌸

    Pin me fan 🥰

  28. Tumpa Das mondal

    Please pin me
    I like ur videos
    I love ur videos
    I subscribe ur channel
    Please pin me
    I am from Kolkata
    Where are u from

  29. janhavi bhamre ys❤️

    Pin me please 🙏🏻

  30. Sukhdeep Samplay

    Everyone- lt hacks work 👍👍👍
    Me – her pop it are broken one side🤔

  31. Craft with Tanushka

    Wow wonderful

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