Một số hack cuộc sống này rất hay nhưng hầu hết chúng không có ý nghĩa gì .. wtf ?! Đăng ký theo dõi: | NHẤN NÚT LIÊN KẾT | Bật TẤT CẢ thông báo bài đăng! 🔔 Xem video mới nhất: Theo dõi TikTok: Instagram: Twitch: Twitter: Snapchat: Xem thêm video! Khơi gợi suy nghĩ: Phong cách sống: list = PL_jrk7W0CpXz6bpt_nMZJ0ZqD2T71dSV5 & playnext = 1 TikTok: Phổ biến nhất: Chào mừng bạn đến với kênh YouTube chính thức của Onlyjayus. Tôi làm truyện, khoa học, meme, than phiền tik tok, vlog và hơn thế nữa! Đảm bảo đăng ký và bật thông báo! #lifehacks # 5mincraft #react #onlyjayus.

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  1. my hacks are better tbh

  2. {Crying In Gamer}

    You sound like my gym teacher X-X

  3. 6:33 them using 3sec timer
    10sec timer : am i a joke to you?

  4. You’re the reeeeee kid right?

  5. Your videos are great, thank you. You are a beautiful girl. Don't get caught up with the haters, and keep doing what you do. THANK YOU

  6. I feel like me and her lost couple of brain cells… how do you type?

  7. GamingProtogen

    Im scrolling down to see what else there is and the a thumbnail saying ban onlyjans the title is why onlyjans is the most hated tiktocer why is that at the bottom

  8. POV: You spliting your Chin
    Your dad: Bella come here.
    ’’Unroles duck tape,,
    You: Dad no.

  9. Makayla Cutcliffe

    No one’s key bord gets that dirty

  10. kuroo tetsurou

    I was having a bad day, not so bad anymore. Thenks <3

  11. I feel like most people follow them to see how bad the crafts are

  12. Detective_Celery

    Same I have an undercut but my parents cut it for me, and my hair is the same length but my undercut is more of a triangle

  13. PhilipsAvon2118

    I feel this one 12:49 very suspicious 😂😂

  14. Ok I'm curious if you are a boy or girl

  15. Refentse Phohledi

    5-minut crafts or shit

  16. mãŷåhñøtfôüńd_404

    I literally love her sarcasm sm 😭

  17. I call it 5 min crap

  18. Hey it’s the woman man fun fact TikToker
    I love your tiktoks Bella

  19. “The master of mental and psychological torture”

  20. I need to try that microwave hack

  21. I know Bella as the gay person on straight tiktok

  22. 5:19 (saved this so I can show it to my hairdresser xd)

  23. And stop calling it superglue, it's really not!

  24. Didn't superglue the carpet, it was more hot glue, that they used to stop it from slipping

  25. Put the mug on the outside of the microwave

  26. Grandma Disoosacu

    They weren’t glueing the rug to the floor they were making grip and let it dry

  27. 8:50 Door-hinge, four-inch, orange… – Eminem

  28. Can you even call 5 minute crafts you're friends?

  29. One of the nuts in the nut house

    this ist life hacks this is just ways to waist super glue in idiotic ways

  30. I think it is called hot glue

  31. When does cooking coke smells like? Me:it smell like fire 👁👄👁

  32. Misuki ❤︎ Dreams

    Life hack wizard

  33. The Gordon Experiment

    6:40 just make a video and screenshot the parts you want to keep

  34. Baby wipes is kind of like a sticky tape thing and it will stuck on the bag

  35. Nabendu Singha

    I know you as 6foot 2 inch girl 🤣

  36. You have inspired me to get an undercut✨✨✨

  37. "i ate my erasers growing up" me what what the fuck

  38. if you eat one cherry pit you could die

  39. R u lesbian?

  40. the top of the bottle on a sponge this is an actual well made product made from real recourses and not random shit

  41. //•JUP1T3R• \

    Five minutes crafts more like five minute…crap..haha I’m so clever and funny 😃


  42. or the controversial one

  43. RoseHyena100ÚwÙ

    When She says to not to eat near or at your computer
    I will eat near my Cromebook

  44. 11:42 funny thing is, I also spit my chin open, but my dad used superglue instead of tape

  45. Fun fact you can use your seatbelt to pop open bottles

  46. Bunny Plays :D 2

    Broken SCRUNCHY :me: that not a &&&& scrunchy

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