How To Make Proper Croissants Completely By Hand

Công thức bánh Croissant này chỉ cần thiết bị tối thiểu nhất mà bạn có thể có trong một công thức. Nó không có máy móc, cũng như không có công thức nhào trộn. Tất cả những gì nó yêu cầu là sự tập trung và một chút kiên nhẫn. Ồ, và một cái ghim lăn cũng giúp được. Sau đó, bạn sẽ có những chiếc có lớp vảy và bơ đẹp mắt, bên ngoài giòn bóng, bên trong mềm và đậm đà. Không có gì đánh bại được tự chế. Quy mô nhà bếp của tôi: Cân thép không gỉ OXO Good Grips® với màn hình kỹ thuật số kéo ra: Công thức: THEO DÕI TÔI: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Trang web: ——————- ——————————————– Nhạc – Vivre by Saib: ————————————————– ————-.

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  1. Lawd that thumbnail

  2. I just finished making it too the hole was a little small but i made it work

  3. Nrogara Ellesar

    Hi! I'm going to try to craft this recipe , i use 250g of eu butter on 1kg of melt bread and keep in fridge about 20min ago , any suggest?

  4. How many croissants can one man eat? —- "Hold the phone and give me a call"

  5. My dough is super dry what did I do wrong?

  6. Please show more of the baked beauties and you eating them

  7. i made these, pretty good, its worth it, very easy, just time consuming

  8. Step 25 says.
    Place croissants tail side down on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Brush the tops with egg wash (one whole egg whisked together). Cover with a rimmed baking sheet inverted and let proof at 78 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours. You can proof these in the lowest rack of your oven with the light turned on, leaving the door open slightly.

    Can I proof these overnight in the firdge after shaping instead of at room temp for 2 hours?

  9. They were pretty good, might be tve best croissant i've ever had and it doesn't even look like yours that much

  10. Had to cancel all of my plans to make these lmao

  11. my dough looked like butter pockets, what did i do wrong? Like on the second roll some of my butter leaked through. idk what i did

  12. Heresy, this is too small!

  13. me:im gonna make croissants
    also me:lives in france

  14. Joshua Jesseman I have zero baking know how

  15. Are you constructing a house a building or making dammmm croissants !

  16. Hey make a da cwassant yaaaay!

  17. Francisca Bonsel

    i played your video on half speed so I could make notes and i made heaps of screen shots. thanks so much for a well done video. the problem is our average 33 celcius in summer. but i will wake early :))

  18. Marinela Stone

    To long to make a croissant,just buy it😄

  19. You can do it this way if you feel like it, but it doesn't have to be THAT precise with all the measuring.
    Bakeries don't go through that much hassle everyday 😉

  20. These are delicious! I didn't think the process was bad and the results are definitely worth it!

  21. Saiyeda Sunzida

    this is my third time making croissants, and the first time seeing such layers!! and the flavour! chef's kiss to you man!

  22. I love how he’s like how many croissants can one person possibly eat, bold of him to assume i wouldn’t want more then six haha

  23. 4:45 that sniff tho 😂

  24. Tătăruș Ștefan Mihnea

    Cross aunts

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