How to Make Classic Carbonara | Jamie Oliver

Jamie chỉ cho chúng ta cách làm món Spaghetti Carbonara truyền thống và cổ điển. Món ăn sử dụng hai nguyên liệu truyền thống của Ý; một loại thịt đã qua xử lý có tên là Guanciale và chủ yếu của Roma, Pecorino Romano. Đây là món ăn hoàn hảo của Ý! Vui thích! Để đặt bàn hoặc tìm hiểu Jamie’s Italian gần bạn nhất ở đâu, hãy đến để biết thêm thông tin. Liên kết từ video: Đặt trước sách mới | Tôm Linguini | Trứng Benedict | Mỳ Ý & Thịt viên | Margherita Pizza | Để biết thêm thông tin về bất kỳ sản phẩm Jamie nào có trên kênh, hãy nhấp vào đây: Để biết thêm thông tin dinh dưỡng, hãy nhấp vào đây: Đăng ký Food Tube | Theo dõi Đồ uống Tube | Đăng ký kênh Món ăn | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Thêm nhiều công thức nấu ăn tuyệt vời | Jamie’s Recipes App | #FOODTUBE x.

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  1. Yummy 🤤 almost taste it

  2. Carbonara
    Me : lachimolala

  3. I tried with that much pepper….wayyyy to hot 🔥 for me.

  4. beautifullife2030

    Art indeed!

  5. How much pasta for two people please

  6. After reading this comment thread, I can only ask, “Where’s Anthony Bourdain when you need him”?

  7. Aurelio Tuccio

    Bravo. Il numero uno.

  8. Derlis Molinas (Orteman)

    Es la mejor carbonara q vi, buenísima, la voy a hacer, una delicia este plato!!!

  9. JTO's Kitchen 芋頭家's廚房

    It's always enjoying to watch Jamie cook … thanks for sharing, will try this dish sometime

  10. Thank you for having studied and understood my culture, Jamie!
    Don't agree on garlic but you correctly stated that it was optional…

  11. If i dont eat pig what can i use ??

  12. YUUUUUP!, i made me some nice stir fried noodles…

  13. Juan Angel Martinez

    Supermercado gorila

  14. Κλέαρχος Τσίγκρος

    how many grams of pasta ?

  15. Asian : why must cook pasta with CHEESE ??

    Jamie : Only LEGEND can cook delicious pasta WITHOUT adding any cheese.

  16. astrid_aus_wien

    Delicious, Jamie! You also explained the details really well, so my try was an immediate success! Besides, watching you cook is fun! 🙂

  17. tommaso ruffa

    Not garlic

  18. Mike Awk Herts

    This is perfect

  19. オネスティ栗田

    w o t a h

  20. With the egg, only add the yolk. I'd do two yolks. Makes for a richer sauce. The rest is solid!

  21. When you eat it, do you taste eggs o taste creamy

  22. Jamie, food cooking does not come anywhere near you, do not say you can cook or some sort of cheeeef, just quit uploading video and stop your life please.

  23. Hello, Mr. Chilly jam

  24. What a mess and that pan was way too hot when he put in the pasta. Don't do that, unless you are trying to have scrambled egg with spaghetti.

  25. Edward Ivor Hazell


  26. Silvia Schwarz

    Lovely. Pepper corn…yes. Eggs…yes…The rest you are going to have problems. If you can find that in Wisconsin…More power to you.

  27. Lorma Garalde

    i really want the way he coke that's it

  28. Ana Davina Chiru


  29. He lost me at “cheek” 😂

  30. God, I can't STAND the way the English pronounce "pasta." Someone smack him every time he says it that way!

  31. I am confused about eggs, Jamie put in whole eggs while some of the recipes suggest only yolks. What's better?

  32. Wendy Desplanque

    Thank you thank you. Now I can have my Carbonara because with no dairy I have been missing it.

  33. Jamie is a Showman, very good one.

  34. Joumana Nasser

    If you know what I mean

  35. Vhaleryan Adamant

    Too much water mate, more unnecessary water at the end, the sauce was perfectly thick without that much water…

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