How to make your friends jealous (of your MMR)

Trong video này, đề cập đến tất cả những người chiến thắng và thua cuộc của biggets trong bản mới của Dota, bản vá 7.31 (bao gồm cả anh hùng và vật phẩm). Patreon: Twitter: Twitch: # Dota2 # Cập nhật #Patch.

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  1. Dorozhovets Roman

    About pudge: I think its important 2 figure out that damage block works AFTER all resistances. For example:
    1) Physical damage: (DAMAGE – malee hero block (on proc) OR Vanguard (Crimson) block – armor % block) – Fesh Heap block
    2) Magical damage: (DAMAGE – Hood (Pipe) block – magic res. % block) – Fesh Heap block

  2. hello Jenkins, how do I hit enemy heroes in midlane w/out the enemy creeps hitting me? just like the pros do

  3. Techies is finally not dogshit. He is true support hero, which is interesting to play. Especially in turbo.

  4. hey jenkins, i don't play dota but i gotta say fuck you for having entertaining videos that i watch with my girlfriend every night, now my sleep schedule is supremely fucked

  5. I like all three indeed :v

  6. Watched a video which used null’s to stack spell amp so Zeus could wipe out entire team with BS, but changed before I could try it out.

  7. eblade needs to be balanced.


  9. Absolutely loved the tone of this vid! To the point and subtly humorous.

  10. Why did they changed pudge… he wasn't even that broken, and in the start of the game having another ability to cost mana is so restricting

  11. nulls are nerfed I believe and I dont know how you don't mention Diff as being ultra buffed seeing as it uses one less item to create without losing much of its base properties. just 9 agi and some illu mana burn. its probably the new carry's choice.

  12. Yes to all 3

  13. ChrisPBacon710

    i like all three jenkins

  14. comment bcs i like all 3

  15. Ronald Neufeld

    Dota helps alleviate all the body excreting. Very blessed video, MMR =metamucil

  16. Uranus Aquarius

    I see 390 people who like all three…

  17. Tinker can re arm the new vlads and shove waves.

    Its like re armavle necro book

  18. Gorgi Taskovski

    Zus is dogshit

  19. Eddoo Nissaar

    man thank you jenkins.. i didnt play for three weeks cause of some issues and when i got back i got slapped in the face with a new patch and all the time i was well i was dreaming about playing some dota to feel better it kept me going but i got discouraged to even attempt a game. but you made it feel easier to try and get back in it. so thanks

  20. I'm really okay with Valve making changes and I approve of it but I don't approve of them nerfing my main Enigma to the ground. His purpose was to be powerful but now they've made his Midnight pulse weak as a broken sword. It now deals damage based on health percentage and not max hp.

  21. TheCoperativo

    valve is shit, dota uptades are shitier

  22. Been dominating primal mid. Wait for the stacks to build and then just trample. Such a good side lane ganker too.

  23. Bruhhhh can't stop laughing at tinker scene hahahaha

  24. Techies was in the game for years. The bumb Volvo script kiddies ruined him finally. Also removed Necronomicon because of their impotence to balance the game…. Pathetic

  25. I've never had such introspection about my enjoyment of eating/video games/pooing before, but Jenkins has really opened my eyes. Thank you Jenkins.

  26. Lyubomir Antonov

    Wraith Pact is stackable , which means tinker can abuse it using rearm DPS of the Wraith Pact does stack

  27. Dont forget tiny has 15mins shard now, so basically a guaranteed 15min BF

  28. i like pooing

  29. paperchicken090

    IO with Bloodstone + Aghs Shard is really good with heroes that constantly uses their skills such as Bristleback and Leshrac.

  30. Αμα εισαι κουτσος .. δεν αλλαζει τιποτα

  31. Michael Baskin

    Pudge's e isnt too bad. You turn on rot and press e and it reduces by 20 every tick of rot, which means it hardly damages you.

  32. YOu are totally wron about pudge his new passive is strong

  33. Zion Suppasan

    jenkins still not noticing damage block cancels rot damage

  34. If you think a few nerds are gonna stop a 7-years-long Tinker enjoyer, you’re wrong, Jenkins.

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