How to Make a Jumping Game in Scratch | Tutorial

Trong hướng dẫn này, bạn có thể học cách làm trò chơi trong Scratch – một trò chơi trong đó một nhân vật nhảy qua chướng ngại vật đang di chuyển để ghi điểm! Hãy thử: Âm nhạc: “Pacific Sun” của Nicolai Heidlas, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

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  1. What character would you choose for your game, and what would you have them jump over? 😀


    Thanks! This was so much fun!

  3. She is so good salute to scratch team 🤩 this also helps so much now I can finally create my own games in scratch 🙂🙂✨✨

  4. It doesn't work 🙁

  5. rajabhau tambe

    I have done this 🥕

  6. Jamai Husain ka bataiye rahamaton ka Marg

  7. Richard Orange

    This is excellent.

  8. Thanks for making these! All these lessons can really help people that just joined scratch!!

  9. play roblox tu tu tu.

  10. Thanks for The AMAZING Vid,But cant I use the Program not the web site and thanks again

  11. Rose Greenfield

    I have a problem My sprit I took egg its not working

  12. Nagamma nagamma

    Which is the code for this game

  13. Sanjay Sanjay

    Which is the code for this game

  14. Sakshi Hitendra

    This game is amazing my Max score is 9

  15. ramond pro theraunt

    it's not working for me 🙁

  16. GMD the Sebastian V channel

    You could use gravity as a other way

  17. I love this toturial

  18. i tried to make a version of t-rex runner

  19. Beenish Bilal

    It was kinda hard but it was so cool seriously 😂

  20. Hi, when the chic on mine touches the duplicated egg, the game wont reset. Is there anything I did wrong? This is a great tutorial, many thanks!

  21. thank u this would really help me for informatic in school

  22. ☼⁂𝐏𝐡𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐱⁂☼


  23. King Of Gaming

    Whare This End ?

  24. George Johnson

    When I made mine my cat didn't jump down

  25. thx this really helped!

  26. Chikadibia Anyanwu

    Thank you so much for this lovely website called scratch.Scratch has helped me so much in my coding

  27. Nikolai Mailand

    You are the best cause of you i get Better notes

  28. Fishies On Gfuel

    Thank You

  29. Pervez Mahmud

    TYSM 😁

  30. Ridhisha Blogger

    Please teach me how to make a movie 🎥 in scratch app

  31. mohammed zayed

    I love how you show the mistake and explain how to fix it not just say the code without explaining I just tried the game rn. It is super cool and I love your way of talking 🤗😆😃

  32. AMAZING! This tutorial was so easy to follow, and I LOVED it!

  33. Thanks soo much. I'm making a spiderman one and this helped out real good

  34. Aryab’s Vlogs

    i tried the egg to glide but it did not glide

  35. I liked the game Zinnea

  36. This Game Realy Worked

  37. Phani Kumar C3 IPL_Branch

    wow this is sooo nice
    first time I did it did not come
    second time I got correct

  38. This game is awesome 😘I have make this in scratch 😊

  39. mahmod the icon !

    Didn't work that well for me

  40. Durga Prasad golandaz

    Mam thankyou for telling this

  41. wow amazing,
    I create a game by see your video

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