How to Make a NERF Bow at Home

Cách làm NERF Bow tại nhà Trong video hôm nay, tôi muốn hướng dẫn các bạn cách làm NERF bow đồ chơi tuyệt vời bằng hộp mực dễ nạp và chơi nhiều hơn. Vật liệu bạn cần: , dây cao su, ván ép. Tất cả các hướng dẫn và phép đo cần thiết đều có trong video. Kết quả là bạn sẽ nhận được đồ chơi độc đáo và cực kỳ thú vị cho của bạn. Nếu các bạn thích video này đừng quên subscribe 🙂 Nhạc: “Feelin Good” Kevin MacLeod. Phân bổ Creative Commons (#theq #nerf #howtomake.

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  1. illuminati member

    Him:i am happy that i can make these things.
    Meanwhile me: bruh i dont have those machines and materials.

  2. AWeirdGoldenTool

    Wait a second how is it a nerf bow if it doesn’t shoot nerf bullet

  3. Keshaw Kushwah

    Iam from India 🇮🇳

  4. Keshaw Kushwah

    Very expensive 😍😍😍

  5. Buddy that not nerf anymore it's a deadly weapon and it's not foam darts

  6. Yusuf Alperen Kaya


  7. Priscilla Mercado

    Wise Choice…

  8. Dinesh gowda h k

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  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dididid aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dododo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuhuuuhuhuhjijijiji

  10. Like…👏👏👏

  11. Halfwolfgaming

    You are insane if you think shooting chunks of pvc in a nerf battle is anywhere close to safe, an adaptation for a higher capacity version that shoots darts would be nice

  12. Leonardo Arsieni

    3:48 when the imposter is sus

  13. Rayhaneh Hassanpour


  14. Jede ann may Rindbasan


  15. Allan Pingcas

    wow!!! cool!!! I'm impressed!!!👍👍👍

  16. Legendary spud

    Imagine going to your friend’s house uninvited with this beast and screaming: “IT’S NERF OR NOTHIIIIIIING!!”

  17. i missed doing archery, i haven't gone to the archery target field for a while now since the pandemic had started and the nerf bow seems a safer options when working safe at home. and no one or the house values will be hurt or damage. this video makes me want to get all the materials in the house and at Lowes stores and start a project that is safe for other members in the family.
    Thanks, a whole bunch. =)

  18. พลกฤต ลัดพลี

    3:48 I see a sprite….

  19. What if he took the and yeets it at her and moves on

  20. you can make handle too

  21. Know Well Entertainment

    So amazing…….

  22. ابو حمود المطيري

    I want to work like you, you are awesome


    Bro ur great

  24. Hhfhchchc Jdhhddhhd

    He xxpap

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