How to make new wood look old Paint wash method 1

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  2. Hillary Dipiazza

    Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you

  3. DTC Primetime

    Thanks for the video! Made my 30 year old tables look old in a good way. I used your technique with chalk paint.

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful video 💕 I have question I have a real wood bedroom set I already painted it all white but I want it to look like this so would I have to remove all the white paint to do this if yes what is the easiest way to take the paint off? I hope I don’t have to remove the paint this Bed is very heavy😫🤣 TIA

  5. This is what I looking for a long time i give it a go thanks fot the video

  6. marikie marie

    Back in the 90s my dad would let me build stuff with his scrap wood. I would make birdhouses, small chairs, yard decor, signs and sell them in my moms yard sales. Well, he would not let me use wood stain because of the strong odor and mess. So he have me craft paint and told me to mix it with water…. several years later, people would come by asking if we had anymore of the chairs or whatever they had previously bought at a yard sale and wanted it stained the same dad had to come get me to figure out what paint colors I used because he only used real stains. I thought it was the kids way to stain…lol now I've been doing it for 25 years! Lol

  7. Camila SunJoy

    Super easy demonstrated. Love it. Thank you!

  8. How did you link all the pieces together? i usually use my nail gun but leaves an impression I don't like.

  9. Carlos Oliveira

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I already joined the channel.
    Super cut here from Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

  10. You're using a chemically treated pressure treated wood for interior application!?! Really a wrong thing to do. Informed individuals are going for VOC paints and stains.

  11. Typical amateur effort. There are simple , more believable, ways to do this.

  12. My wife won’t let me touch her Purdy’s. Great video. Love your techniques. I sell barn wood, but sometimes we need to help Mother Nature.

  13. kreativstattandrea

    It's a really good tutorial. Thank you.

  14. Vickie Roskom

    water based paid???

  15. Valkyrie Sardo

    Some pressure treated lumber is treated with arsenic. Be careful about using it as an outdoor dining surface. Do not inhale dust from sanding. Scrub your skin after handling treated wood.

  16. Courtney Zanin

    I'm thinking of doing this with a coffee table! What kind of grey did you use? A warm or cool tone? I love the way yours turned out!

  17. James Richard

    music is annoying as h*ll

  18. Voise Fluting its terreble

  19. CaptainNemo49

    What is the specific name of the music you have playing, I plan to sign up with them, but really like what you have playing ?!?!

  20. Tammy RebelLifeCoach

    Loving this and your focus music.

  21. Eddie Montoya

    I would like to know, the color names you used? I'm working on a Barn and it's about 1000 sqf of wood and would really like this style color stain.

  22. This was great! I was trying everything. I tried steel wool and vinegar. Just didnt do it.

    Another thing I tried was brushing the wood with a very stiff and rough wire brush. It removes some of the sap wood and leaves raised ridges of the heart wood. Looks REALLY weather when I do that and use this technique of making a gray weathered look.

    To make a thinner plank, I run wood on edge thru my table saw to cut it into about 5/16" think pieces. Going to use those to make a square and then weather it to make a kitchen clock. Then thinner strips make it a lot lighter.

    Thanks for your tips.

  23. Mostafa Abo Eid

    what kind of paint is used…..acrylic or……

  24. made french door trim with your method. very cool. thanks for info.

  25. LJM Publishing, LLC

    What you call focus music is an annoying noise to me. It was so annoying I had to turn the sound off and just watch the video.

  26. California Geisha

    You're talented! No sealer or primer before you start?

  27. love it great job

  28. What kind of paint are you using..?

  29. Nice done, was looking for other way's to give the old wood look than vinegar with steel wool.
    It is also ok, and this is ok too.. 🙂

  30. Frederick Odendaal

    I already painted my wood grey, but you can still see the grain. Can I just paint over it with your method?

  31. is it water base paint ?

  32. nice information… i like it

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