Star Citizen: How to Make Millions – Mining

Tìm kiếm để giành chiến thắng trong aUEC lớn năm nay? Jumptown shumptown, Quantanium Mining là nơi có số tiền thưởng thực sự – và tuần này, Lead sẽ chia nhỏ vấn đề khó khăn cho bạn: lấy gì, đi đâu, làm như thế nào, rửa sạch và lặp lại cho ngày lĩnh lương lớn! Quà tặng mới! Hỗ trợ Leadnap Gaming và tham gia Quân đoàn trên Patreon! Leadnap Gaming Discord:.

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  1. Leadnap Gaming

    I know that a lot of people are saying to store the ship. Yes – that will technically stop the timer. However I have had trouble at times with the ship not storing, storing and disappearing entirely, and with errors where it says stored and isn't, etc – even happening the final filming segment of this episode! I have always had 2-3 minutes of time after working the refinery leaving the ship on the pad. So it's up to you – store it, maybe you never have an issue. Or just run to the refinery and set up the job. Only one of these methods gives 100% success universally.

  2. Daywalker4077

    I wanna win a free ship to gift my friend a package to play with me

  3. Bernardo Fortes

    ok i need odyssey

  4. Subs as well . Question why miners cant use compass that every ship have to direct it paths ? I mean set 320 and keep it bearing until find something good)

  5. Subbed, liked, and now for my comment…
    I want to get into mining so bad!
    I brought SC two weeks ago, and nothing has worked out for me. I dont have an eye for stonks and i know where NOTHING is in the verse, so cargo running fell flat on its face before it could even get out the chair.
    My situational awareness in space combat, and the general glitchieness of ground combat has, combined, netted me -$56k, meaning the my current UEC count of a meere 12k, and im now garbed in a hospital gown for what must be the 35th time im sure…
    I dont know how to rent the MISC prospector on hurston, and even if i did, i couldnt afford it…
    Tutorials dont help because theyre super specific to certain instances, like taking the investigator missions to hand mine… the investigator missions i havent seen all week…
    I tried my bit at hand mining. And met no progress… in about two hours worth of scouring rock fields on a snowball near arccorp i found only one hand mineable ore patch, and the multitool, mining bit in hand, REFUSED to mine it outright. Logging out and back in in my titans bed didnt help, reequiping the tool didnt work…

    I love multicrew, and i love being the support class player. My friend brought a ROC to try to help recently, but he struggles to get time to get on, and we dont have a method of transporting the thing…

    I've wanted starcitizen for years and now i have it im stuck in an endless loop of heamoraging money trying to make money…

    The game loop i love i cant actually do because of the laundrylist i made above…

    Oh, and i forgot to mention that shopping terminals dont work for me, so i can only buy things off the shelf

    Nice video mate, ill keep an eye on your channel!

  6. Can't wait to see how mining gadgets affect the current mining loop 😀

  7. Thanks for the learnings, need to get me some mining done.

  8. Good show. I always store the ship to stop the timer. It has worked good so far.

  9. When I was out mining; I regarded each vehicles by the intention.
    Pyro MultiTool = Either I'm strapped or I am in a cave to get gems that my ROC cannot get to.

    ROC = I'm going to be out and in. I can just toss the box in between collection.

    ROC-DS = I'm going with a buddy into a cave where I am not expecting to be out and in.

    Prospector = Perfect for quantanium mining due to the economy of time and money; only downside is its limited capacity, which forces you to be very selective.

    MOLE = When I do find that magic rock out there, I'm taking all of it if it has a trace of quantanium; the downside is poorer time-&-money economy and it will take a while for any new miner to get used to the handling and navigation.

    As for the Odyssey; I've been given the impression that it is the exploration ship that can refuel itself, not an actual mining ship.

  10. Test Junk Stuff

    Yo, first off let me just say, incredible video. Honestly you must be one of the most underrated you tubers I’ve seen for the Star citizen platform. I wanted to know if you have any recommendations for finding the asteroids. I’ll be searching for hours and never find a Q type over 10%. Anyways, great vid… hope to see more in the future!

  11. Snake The Lizard

    Odyssey maybe?? (Subscribed, thanks for the info)

  12. Gabriel Morse

    I would absolutely love a misc odyssey!

  13. If you would be so abliged as to offer me a misc odyssey, I would be most grateful. (Subscribed! Thanks for the awesome vid.)

  14. Samuel Keiler

    I like one Vaux C3 and one Rieger C3

  15. mining was hard in the beginning


    Lol the odyssey does not mine for profit only to fuel itself

  17. Kenneth Christensen

    Wait, isent the Odessey still on concept?

  18. An Odyssey you say?

  19. Ritualaphid529

    This was really helpful to earn all the money back I lost from the wipe thank you!! Keep up the good work!

  20. I am working to buy a Prospector ingame to just mine and enjoy my coffee.

  21. Is there risk to all of your credits disappearing when new patch release? How about the things you buy with it? Can they disappear too?

  22. Krull Killgore

    Great VID Thanks!

  23. Dumpsters Depot lmao

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