how to make the smallest house in minecraft

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  2. Gilberto Ferreia


  3. chitus minecraft adventure $

    Thanks I might even build it myself

  4. Funny thier is no toilet 😂🤣🤣😂

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  6. Legacy Valkyrie

    Looks sooo warm and cozy

  7. Legacy Valkyrie

    Thanks I might even build it myself

  8. Kian Alexander Inan

    I like Small house

  9. George Jhonson475

    Thank bro 😍now I got beautiful house 😃

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  11. Its a cute home ♥!🏡🏞 I Love it! 😍

  12. So cute home

  13. nice one this is the best house in minecraft you can only enter but they dont have any space to get in

  14. Emanuele Aibrien Palacpac

    How do u open the chest u need to break the glass

  15. Durdon Madaminova


  16. Waynefrida Gumaru

    what's next light?

  17. Ingl I like this

  18. Jarek Szakowski

    Weź jutro na live do stół

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  20. Nice house only one can enter then no space to get in

  21. AudreyHelpsYT✿

    So smol but so cool 🙂

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  23. Itz_Rose_Gacha_Wolfie

    This home is so Nice

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