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Quy Đường Với Claire Saffitz. Món tráng miệng #ClaireSaffitz #SugarCookies #ChristmasCookies Sugar Cookie Công thức 2 que bơ không ướp muối ¾ cốc đường cát 1 quả trứng lớn 2 thìa cà phê chiết xuất vani 2½ cốc bột mì đa dụng 1 thìa cà phê muối kosher ⅜ thìa cà phê bột nở Royal Icing 2 lòng trắng trứng lớn 1 lb. hộp bánh kẹo đường 1 muỗng canh nước cốt chanh tươi, cộng thêm khi cần thiết để pha loãng một chút muối Video Phân tích: 0:00 Bắt đầu 0:17 Công thức Cookie Đường Giới thiệu 0:40 Món tráng miệng Jingle 1:01 Thành phần & Thiết bị Đặc biệt 1:43 Cách thực hiện Làm 5:06 Cuốn ra bột bánh quy 7:15 Hình dạng & Nướng 8:32 Cách làm Royal Icing 10:04 Mẹo trang trí 19:26 Làm bánh quy đường 20:21 Một chú chó đội mũ của ông già Noel. Cảm ơn đã xem! Người làm món tráng miệng Trực tuyến: Claire trên Instagram: Claire Hàng hóa: Penguin Ngẫu nhiên Sách: Sách dạy nấu món tráng miệng Nhiếp ảnh gia: Alex Lau Food Stylist: Sue Li Prop Stylist: Astrid Chastka Dòng video: Nhà sản xuất / Đạo diễn: Vincent Cross Người điều hành: Kỹ sư âm thanh Calvin Robertson / Âm nhạc: Michael Guggino Biên tập: Hal McFall Hoạt hình Tín dụng: Thiết kế nhân vật / Hoạt hình: Jack Sherry Nhân vật Rigger: Johara Dutton Bối cảnh / Nhà thiết kế đề xuất: M. Cody Wiley Minh họa nền: Jagriti Khirwar.

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  1. Claire Saffitz x Dessert Person

    Happy Holidays & Happy 1st Birthday to our YouTube Channel, thank you subscribers for all of your enthusiasm and support & thank you to everyone who has watched a video!

  2. Amanda Janay Frank

    Has anyone had experience with freezing the cookies? Either iced or not. I want to make and freeze a bunch for my daughter's birthday so I don't have to stress about making them right before the party. TIA!

  3. Karianne Morehead

    Y’all scared me good with that friggen badger 😱

  4. Kristen Kawaguchi

    Does anyone know what that silicone lid she used for the egg yolk is? please and thank you!

  5. Is it okay if my dough is grainy, the sugar is visible😩.. I've put it in the refrigerator rn, idk how it'll turn out when I bake it… But I hope it's going good

  6. I had SO much fun making these with my much, much younger brother-in-law. I also loved how the sweetness of the icing complements the shortbread-like taste of the cookies.

  7. Cookie decorating! I want to see your creativity!!!

  8. Rebekah Guilder

    Does anyone know what those rubbery bowl covers are?

  9. it's ok, we know it's Kerry Gold

  10. wtf is going on here on this day?

    im sorry to ask but i would really like to see your cookie decoration techniques, sorry claire 🤣

  11. Thanks for this recipe Claire! I tried it out during Christmas & New Year’s Eve & they were amazing! I had tried another YouTuber’s recipe & they just didn’t taste home made. These exceeded my expectations & I even decorated them with royal icing! Will be my go to recipe from now on.

  12. Norah’s recipes

    Thank you for this recipe I enjoyed watching

  13. Angelina Williams

    What on earth was that outside the window at 11:53?? 😧

  14. The badger freaked me out because of how big it was! For some reason I couldn't help but worry about Claire's safety 😂 I couldn't focus on the video at all after that, just kept looking at that corner. I'm not anxious, you're anxious!

  15. anyone able to snag that butter brand? lemme know pls!

  16. Commander Tano

    Genuine question is there a reason or is it a joke the bleeping of the brand of butter?

  17. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe

  18. Sandra Garcia

    I know that margarine works because I’m in culinary school for 2 years!

  19. Sandra Garcia

    Margarina is the fancy butter. Margarine works better than butter!

  20. I just took the cookies out of the oven and the recipe is perfect, no spread, the right color, perfectly shaped. The video helps me see each stage and keeps me on track! Now on to icing!!!

  21. Me and my girl down for 3 sum

  22. QuestTheWolf101 Colon

    Omgggg she has her own channel, Im so greatful I found this!

  23. This was so fun and helpful, thank you!

  24. Is this recipe in her cook book?

  25. Can someone help me understand where I went wrong. My dough came out crumbly and not sticking together like hers.

  26. caitlinward123

    I made these cookies by hand in 86 degree Fahrenheit heat. There was a lot of swearing and going back and forth to the chiller but in the end they came out great. A solid recipe

  27. Can someone convert the recipe to grams 🙏🏻

  28. I made these and they turned out wonderfully! It's such a nice buttery cookie and the icing so smooth and shiny.
    I used the dip method, but some of the shapes would have benefitted from flooding instead.
    They still look gorgeous! Thanks, Claire!

  29. Charissa 's Crazy

    Thank THE GODS I watched this before I made sugar cookies. I thought I’d have to use the flooding technique for every single cookie, but all I wanted was round cookies with icing and sprinkles, nothing fancy. The idea of just dipping the cookies never crossed my mind, thank you so much for making my life easier 😅

  30. the editing is adorable!

  31. Just used this recipe for Christmas cookies and it's the best one i've ever used! The cookies held their original shape with zero spreading and tasted amazing on their own without any icing!! Couldn't recommend enough, thank you Claire!

  32. That's the most judgemental badger I've ever seen.

  33. Kendall James

    I made these for my family and they were such a hit! I also made your pumpkin pie and now the only recipes any of us want to use are Claire Saffitz recipes! Thanks Claire <333

  34. Ellie Dalampasig

    You are me and I love it 😂 I'm liking and subscribing cause you are a whole angel ( I have a million freaking cookies to bake before tomorrow)

  35. Javiera Montalva

    How much g it’s two sticks of butter? Is it 250g?

  36. Thank you Claire for this recipe. A gorgeous dough to work with. Shapes held like a dream…and the taste, well…is gold! Happy Holidays everyone! <3

  37. April Sylvester

    Okay now I need to know what this high end butter is

  38. Mikayla Neyens

    Holy crap claire, best sugar cookies I've ever made. Thank you!!!!!

  39. Electriophile

    Kerrygold. The butter brand is Kerrygold.

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