How to make ANY GUN OVERPOWERED in CODM! OG Season 1 AK117 Gunsmith!

Làm thế nào để làm cho bất kỳ khẩu súng nào được BROKEN trong COD Mobile? Hôm nay chúng ta cùng xem xét một thủ thuật đơn giản để cải thiện hiệu suất sử dụng súng ngay cả khi súng đó không phải META, off META hoặc thậm chí không được coi là tốt. Tôi chứng minh việc sử dụng vì súng còn thiếu so với Loại 25 và các Súng META khác và hiển thị Tệp đính kèm AK117 Gunsmith & AK117 TỐT NHẤT cho Phần 1 của Call of Duty Mobile! Súng bắn CODM AK117. ► Vô hiệu hóa chuyên sâu phân tích đặc quyền: ► Vũ khí TỐT NHẤT CODM MP: ► CODM Vũ khí TỐT NHẤT BR: ————— Mua CP từ Codashop: #codashop • Tham gia Discord của chúng tôi để có số liệu thống kê / Thợ rèn / vv: → / • Theo dõi tôi: → → • Ủng hộ chúng tôi bằng cách Like / Comment / Share & Subscribe để được xem nhiều hơn nhé 🙂 → 4 Finger Claw + Gyro Always ON ————— 0:00 | AK117: Súng xấu biến tốt? 4:36 | Giới thiệu 4:42 | AK117 Gunsmith 4:49 | Một mẹo để trở nên chuyên nghiệp xD 5:59 | Kết luận + Cái kết của AK117 Gunsmith Phân tích: AK117 có phải là META Killer UNDERRATED? | TỐT NHẤT COD Mobile! # ak117codmobile # ak117codm # ak117gunsmith ————— Hãy xem chúng: FSN Asia CODM: Obstinate Esports: ESM CODM: UQBT CODM: #codmobile #callofdutymobile #codm Nhạc được sử dụng: – Tên nghệ sĩ – Lawrence Walther – Trôi vào thanh thản – Cung cấp bởi @Lofi Girl – Theo dõi: – Nghe :.

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  1. Making the AK117 great again xD
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  2. I don't rely to hit my shots on disabled. I mainly use it because of sweaty KRM users in Garena. I'm tired of them flying from one place to another just constantly hitting shots. I use disabled to track them better because of the slower movement speed

  3. HackingBot 101

    I like to focus on range nothing nothing else 😂 my bullets do the same amount of damage no matter the range 😡☢️

  4. play overpowered

  5. "If you are good, any gun will be good"

  6. Julian Ruebsam

    Thats pretty close to clickbaiting. No like from me.

  7. I use disable with ak47 frostband and the main attachments

  8. any stats video on the kilo 141?

  9. Ak117 is one of those guns that will always be good imo

  10. Not a regular guy

    Shock rcs are dumb

  11. quick question, Is the disabled perk viable for use in BR custom loadout builds as well?

  12. Alan Marvin Barles

    Do you use distance acceleration?

  13. How is your vids soothing? Your content is literally about guns!

  14. Anand Dharma Putra

    Not only knowledge, i came here for the chill gameplay tho

    Keep doing stuff like this cygnoux, good work ✨

  15. I've been using disable on my T25 build the last 2 seasons and like it

  16. There Are No Bad Weapons, It's The Aim Of The Player

  17. Yes!! Just something I was looking for! I'm getting bored of the meta already lol. And sry I wasnt there earlier man

  18. Varrnit Jaiswal

    Disable is surely worth it. I use it on Holger and I can clearly notice the difference.

  19. Bro can u upload video abt ur personal hud that u use pls

  20. heaven's scroll

    Cygnoux please do about the gyro firing sensitivity….

  21. If you have a good device & internet, enough skill
    Every gun is meta for you

  22. Can i ask? Is disable perk si worth using in br? In my server(garena) many pro players using a disable perk in their ak47 loadout

  23. Disabled is good for br 2

  24. Drop Gunsmith for this ak117

  25. Gautam Chandwani

    DUDE!! Hear me out, ur flicks are insane I think u deserve a place in competitive scene

  26. Make Chicom a broken gun

  27. How to make every gun overpower.

    1. play in Global sever
    2. Follow the first step

  28. AR Disable perk supremacy

  29. Bro we need new guide for sens specially gyro, felt messed up sens again this season.

  30. Go teamcygnus! ❤️
    (I know my replies are always generic but i swear im not a bot HAHA)

  31. how to make any gun be overpowered:
    just be like Cygnoux

  32. Cygnoux can I play with you? I'm from México but I speak English well and I have used your method for sensitivity where you multiply your camera sens times 1.33 to get the firing one and it has worked perfectly. I also use distance acceleration and by now I can kill with any weapon at a long range even MSMC. People call me hacker all the time and I don't even play with 4 fingers I use 3 so that means I use the button that shots and aim at the same time. I would like to discuss how to perfect the sensitivity to kill meta gun players with trash guns like chicom, qq9 at range, hbra3 etc

  33. Ak117 needs a buff. Way to underpowered in this current meta

  34. Dont flex with this Skin 😡

  35. JustAFrogWithAHat

    Best tip: Git Gud

    Lmao imagine not missing 85% of shots

  36. Can u come out with a good to use non meta guns I always get done grinding Diamond and weapon master for meta weapons I have a hard time picking what guns are close to top 5 that can compete.

  37. Simple: skill


    It would be more better with old running animation . No wonder why they changed all sprint animation

  39. Cygnoux I have a question where do you read the patch notes?

  40. I won Ak117 Holidays in a giveaway recently and this video made me so much more confident to use it in ranked lol. Thank you so much!

  41. As iam a stupid rusher for me it’s just mobility,mobility,mobility and mobility

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