How To Make Liquid Marijuana

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  1. Alisha.Renea.31🏳️‍🌈

    Straight out of the bong 🤣💚

  2. Farelio Rizky

    can i get ingredients? just wanna try it😂

  3. The controller is not on

  4. fliper the fliper

    i didnt know did drugs

  5. the video is 420

  6. Colby Giroux TV

    We're you drunk when u made this

  7. Seitz Racing Videos

    Love how the video is 4:20 minutes long

  8. Joey Bringloe

    The video is 4:20

  9. Wow the controllers or not on

  10. Lastkings Gaming

    controllers arent even on srry if spelling is incorrect dont blame me!!!

  11. nathan hopkins

    video is right at 420 xD

  12. Is he drunk

  13. Lol it's 4:20 long

  14. 420 is the vid length 😂

  15. Deangel Vigil

    the controllers aren't on😂😂😂😂😂😂😅

  16. Why the fuck do you have Astros them shits are $250 unless your hardcore gamer you would own those

  17. This is true art

  18. The time is 4:20 haha jokester Alex

  19. lol controlers weren't on

  20. Christian Arroyo

    And Then they Fucked

  21. Hunter Rosier

    The controllers are not on

  22. xXRoCkEmSoCkEmTiMmYXx

    it looked like they were high when they were in the sane room

  23. Wowzerz, that was purrrty awful.

  24. Crystal Boven

    Omg 😱

  25. Daniel Huinda

    Oh it was fake?!

  26. Daniel Huinda

    Yo fuck you stop shaving your lifes days off

  27. The video is 4:20 aka weed minutes long

  28. video conveniently 4 min and 20 seconds

  29. lol the video was 4:20 long, I wonder if it was intentional?

  30. funny that the video is 4:20 mind long

  31. Michael Hutchins

    Smoke liquor every day dont drink cannabis

  32. Michael Hutchins

    Plot twist: they smoked it before they met up to smoke

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