DIY. handmade Miniature landscape – How to make resin jewelry – Secret Wood

Mặt dây chuyền / vòng cổ handmade – Gỗ thông và CỬA HÀNG Resin 👉 Instagram Music: Adventures – A Himitsu (No Copyright Music).

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  1. Romelia Polly

    This time I will do it manually with the help of Woodglut designs.

  2. Aleida Bianchi

    If you are looking for something like this, you will find it on the Woodglut website.

  3. I did it with Woodglut.

  4. Romaine Athey

    I prefer to build with Woodprix plans.

  5. Amazing 😉

  6. Shasta Kennon

    I really enjoy plans from woodprix.

  7. Shasta Kennon

    Enjoy woodprix woodworking Instructions.

  8. Creek Tilghman

    I made it too. Want to know how ? just go to woodprix webpage.

  9. Pomysł zajebisty, ale wykonanie słabe. Jakieś takie połmatowe to wyszło.

  10. This is absolutely brilliant. I am impressed on so many levels. Great job! Thank you so much for sharing 😊

  11. beautiful. congratulations for your work

  12. waoooooooo likeeee man

  13. Beauteeeeful!!!

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  15. Did you use an oil finish? Anything special or just normal walnut?

  16. "DIY" my ASS. I couldn't make something like this if my life depended on it. But, they are really beautiful and creative.

  17. testicles to shirleycles

    super nice! I hope you will earn more good money

  18. very cool. how did you make the mold?

  19. Victor Infante

    Hi, I work for Jukin Media and Spotlight by People are Awesome. We think your clip is great and we'd love to feature it. Please contact us at trending[at]jukinmedia[dot]com. Thanks!

  20. What is name of the material

  21. Tail End Customs


  22. Absolutely beautiful, love them. Can you tell me the scale of the trees that you use, I cant seem to find any this small…thank you

  23. Brasil on 🙏😸

  24. Junior Junior33

    statement necklace resin wood necklace pendant underwater jewelry mooss necklace ocean necklace unique gift wood and risin

  25. Carla Simmons

    I am not fooled! This is no easy task and you have lots of talent. Its beautiful.

  26. Holly Van Hart

    💜 Thanks for this! 👏

  27. These are just amazing!! I love them! And the way you used different colors in the resin for a layered look turned out amazing!! I was wondering what kind of paint do you use to mix with the resin? I'm looking at working with resin myself, and I'm wanting to add color, but I'm not sure which type works with it. Any advice you could give would me amazing!!

  28. do you stabalize the wood ?? otherwise is will just rip if it soaks up to much water i made rings in this style but i stoped making them cause of the work that goes in them.

  29. Is that wood really called "secret wood?" Do you get it at any hardware store?

  30. Guillermo Hernández

    A genius!

  31. Gilmar Trevisanuto

    What kind of paste is used to polish? Thank you

  32. I Loved it

  33. Nicolás Jones

    Hi! What is the tool you use at 2:09 against the resin? Thanks!

  34. Clever Centurion

    Unfreaking believable

  35. Aldrin Vargas

    Can you list down all the sanding paper grit size that you use please.

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