How To Make 100x With TINY Crypto Coins (Full Guide To Micro Cap Trading)

Đây là hướng dẫn đầy đủ của tôi về cách tôi giao dịch micro caps. ĐÂY TUYỆT ĐỐI KHÔNG PHẢI LÀ LỜI KHUYÊN VỀ TÀI CHÍNH VÀ CHÍNH LÀ Ý KIẾN CỦA TÔI. .

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  1. Alex Becker's Channel

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE AND PURELY MY OPINIONS. No jokes, micros are crazy risky and its not for beginners. You will likely lose money many times before you get good enough to do it consistently.. Hopefully this will help you a bit.

  2. Hey Alex what do you think about GenCoin Capital Price (GENCAP) ?

  3. do candle sticks predict a better timing of when to pull.

  4. What tools (wallet(s) exchange(s) do you use Alex? Each one I check out has several worryingly bad reviews. I don’t know where to start…

  5. Ivan Markovic

    You rock man! Thanks.

  6. Gary Polignone

    Can you use Biance to buy these micro stocks or what site do we need

  7. Can you transfer these micro cap coins to a cold storage wallet, or does it have to sit on the exchange?

  8. Shiba is definitely going to the moon soon cause it’s at a all time low right now

  9. Where is Alex in these dark times? Did he commit suicide?

  10. What would you consider microcap – what marketcap the most?

  11. Which app you use for selling , buying?

  12. Alfredo oriza

    Awesome VIDEO very informative


    Of all the channels to watch..
    Alex …this is now my #1
    Love your content !
    …I am one of the viewers who will agree with your style… may not be for everyone.
    This guy here (me) believes you have an incredible method to achieve specific goals…
    My mistake.. Holding.
    Not anymore…We are into this for profits..Not love 🤣
    … I'm aboard sir

  14. What exchange is best to use that you’d recommend for buying low micro cap coins?

  15. Boss Cat Rocket Club 🚀🚀🚀

  16. jacinto arenas

    thanks lord alex for showing us the path

  17. What's thoughts on FLAME firestarter

  18. Francis Lambert

    This video was a mastery of the NFT's as I see it. Thank you for this video and I'm sure millions of YouTuber's will not regret it. Peace : )

  19. Hilarious and informational. You rock man! Thanks.

  20. anyone know which platform i can buy these micro caps?

  21. BlindProphetFromBoston

    Happy New Year Alex thank you for all you do 🦃

  22. You are teaching a middle aged woman who is tired of being an architect, how to do this…in a completely understandable way. You are the BEST on YouTube; brilliant and entertaining to watch (extremely rare!). THANK YOU!

  23. respect and GOD bless for your comminttment to sharing info and seeing others succeed. Much prosperity & success 2 u in the new year & you are much appreciated!

  24. Wow. Best video.

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