How to Make Your Own Twinkling Shimmering Watercolor Paint

Tôi chỉ cho bạn cách trộn loại của riêng bạn bằng cách sử dụng bột ngọc trai ex. Lưu ý thêm: Tôi đã đọc rằng tỷ lệ 3 hoặc 4: 1 giữa nước và gôm arabic là một nguyên tắc chung. Bạn có thể tìm thêm thông tin về kẹo cao su arabic trên bài đăng sau. Cảm ơn vì đã xem và đừng quên để lại tin nhắn hoặc đánh giá! .

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  1. how do you know if you should add more water vs more gum arabic?

  2. Lovely, thank you for sharing! Have lots of mica here and Gum Arabic- far cheaper to make than buy the mica watercolor pans.

  3. Still relevant! Thanks & Cheers!

  4. Kiki Dodson 4C4L

    Thw gum arabic is necessary because there is no binder in PealEx.

  5. You can make your own gum arabic by mixing 250 ml of water & 3 table spoons of powdered gum arabic resin.
    Add the water and resin to a saucepan and heat to just below boiling stirring constantly until all the resin has dissolved, the gum arabic liquid should be fluid and easy to drip, I make my paints by adding liquid gum arabic to mica powder until it is the consistency of liquid soap, let dry thoroughly then cap.

  6. After seeing your very dark, hard to see video, I am steering clear of this product. You need to be a mad scientist to deal with this stuff. Too many steps.

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhh thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS <3

  8. Making iridescent watercolor paint is easy just buy a bottle of iridescent watercolor medium – winsor newton makes one. Why buy perfect pearls to make watercolor paint? Perfect Pearls is really a dry media to be used with embossing powders. Its true you can buy dry powdered pigments & by adding Gum Arabic make your watercolors but you really need a mortar & pestle to get them ground together into a smooth mixture. Using sticks or spoons won't mix the gum and the powdered additive well enough to not have gritty lumps. Pigments don't disperse well into liguids unless you grind them into fine bits.

  9. hi,  thanks for making the video,     i am trying to get some pearlesque powder in uk,  just wondering if you knew ant brand names i could ask for ?

  10. Thanks, but sure wish you had added it to a watercolor painting that was already started to show us the effect.

  11. laughing stamper

    No they work a bit differently. If you choose to keep your paint in air tight containers and want them to stay a bit soft, then use a little glycerin. Keep in mind, if you use too much, you may see what looks like greasy spots around the area you color as the glycerin bleeds out into the paper. You have more play with the gum arabic as a sticker.

  12. Can glycerin serve the same purpose as the gum

  13. Sami Kobayashi

    i think it would be cheaper by far (and less trouble) to just buy the individual paints. buying all of the individual ingredients is too expensive. I don't think this way is better but thanks for sharing.

  14. laughing stamper

    sound like you may have used too much water. Stir. stir and stir with a few drops of water at a time. The powder will incorporate. It just takes a little time.

  15. This recipe is HORRIBLE! I followed the directions to a T. I'm soooo angry! I wasted a ton of money on the Gum Arabic and other supplies to make this stuff. The PearlEx doesn't even mix with the water, it just beads up and doesn't asorb the water AT ALL! How you managed to get a thick paste is beyond me! A complete waste of money and time! THIS RECIPE DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't waste your money buying supplies to make it!!! Errrrgghhh!!!!

  16. wow you are so clever. Im so gonna buy that gum arabic and make my own. I have loads of shimmering micas. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I have some pearl x and how I will make my own paint Thank you.

  18. thanks. i have been holding gum arabic for several years and now can make watercolor with my students. nice video.

  19. I have the same spoon …LOL.. great video :0)

  20. Horticultureandhomes

    @JannyMouse Glad you found this helpful! Have fun making your own colors!

  21. Thanks for posting this! I can't find any Twinkling H2o's locally; I do have Pearl Ex powder though.

  22. @miruchankitsu it is…. but with watercolors you have to be more careful with the pigmetns, you want to make sure you mix the right amounts and depending on what colors you want, as well as how opaque you want them to be, but usually homemade wc are kinda opaque to begin with.

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