How to make 230V 5000W Free Energy

Làm thế nào để tạo ra năng lượng miễn phí 230V 5000W.

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Tổng hợp tin hữu ích từ Youtube – Khám phá các mẹo hay từ YTB …


  1. Анатолий Плескун

    Видео для идиотов. Сказку показал. Не разу не выключил мотор когда лампы светятся. И не поднял доску, а там провод в розетку заведён. Лажа!!!!!

  2. Free Energy?
    Разориться на батарейках что-бы зажечь две лампочки? Дешевле платить по счету электрокомпании.
    А так, для детей, показать принцип работы… Молодец.

  3. Yeah, plug-in that multimeter. That must be science.

  4. Can you add a 9vdc power supply to replace the battery for permanent free energy?? Seems like it should work….

  5. you made me laugh lol

  6. Gerardo Grossi

    Dejen de engañar a la gente…!

  7. Federico Molina

    Muy bien gracias


    Hatre kan summer energies???

  9. Pork Hedgehog

    I power my whole house with a machine like that! The battery lasts 6 months. I mean it is not completely free but very cheap energy.

  10. The point of these movies is to collect clicks – so he makes money 😀

  11. Perpetual machine prank. There is a wireless charger under the table. Similar to those for the smartphones.

  12. Bussy Crack Sniffer Technology, three times the energy for FREE!

  13. Ionita.n Ionita

    Fake 100% crazy man…..dreamers

  14. Gdzie te 5000 w,ha,ha.!!!

  15. katharina novaroma

    Nice device! I repeated it myself yesterday. I connected a washing machine, a welding machine 100 A 60 V. Everything works fine!

  16. I am supplying electricity to my entire area. 😝😛

  17. Napoleon.s Msn

    Testing volt ok but how is get amps

  18. Uwe Eybächer

    Schwachsinn. Gut verpackt.

  19. Нужно дроссель засунуть в микроволновку , если не рванет то все заработает !

  20. roberto navarro

    y es que nadie lo a hecho para que diga si le va bien se ve muy bien para ser cierto jajá muchos le meten corriente por abajo de la mesa por huequitos que por encima no se ven .se ve que lo mueve girándolo un poco pero no lo despega de la mesa tal vez el truco esta allí y si es cierto se le respeta

  21. Григорий Качан

    За изобретение 5 за знание физики 2.

  22. Gianluca Biondi

    l'unica cosa che funziona è il motorino alimentato a 9V… 5KW??? ma de che??? oltre 4 milioni di visualizzazioni per una cosa del genere… evitate di fare visualizzazioni su certi video…

  23. Same bloody idiot using the same pointless junk and carefully keeping the mains power cable hidden down through a hole in the worktop.

  24. Roland Arnold

    N importe quoi…

  25. o principio esta certo . mas o jumento esta errado, a bateria deve ser duracel, kkk!

  26. Miller apps 1/2 amp at the most

  27. I see mady I see maybe 500 mg maybe 200 something volts but that's nothing

  28. Do full of shit just like vthat spanked up music

  29. Dang. Another fake. People. When you come across these, report them please

  30. This is totally shit fake

  31. mustafe maxamed

    Its no free 9 voltage battery how mach ? Every fiew hour after

  32. Artur Manuel Marinho Brito


  33. david russell

    I did,nt see any load other than two bulbs.200 watt

  34. Nomoreidsleft

    As soon as I saw the hot glue, I knew this was a rigorous scientific experiment. LOL.

  35. Andrew Picton

    What a load of rubbish

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