How to make a League of Legends Stream Highlight Video

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  1. Knife Madness

    expected to see illuminati triangle when he said the 3 things :'D

  2. J.C. inaudito

    what software should i use for editing? I'm planning to make lol highlights. ps. im new to this editing stuff

  3. Marino Dragović

    still what program do you youse M8

  4. i like leeeeeeeeeee my favorite champ

  5. Where do you get your jazzy songs from Pigeon?

  6. amazingly well put together video man. major props

  7. Simon Ellegaard

    why the hate on grash goret?

  8. Lumping Gross Gore together with Nicktron and Kaceytron.
    Shots fucking fired

  9. btw, you still never explained how to put the video together using what program and how, -_- change the title its not helping at all

  10. why was gross gore there he is a top lad

  11. what do you use to video your video

  12. Hogakestarirai

    WAIT, so you're telling me Kaceytron and Nicktron don't care about their viewers? That's a load of BULL!

  13. When I saw the webcam picture I realized it was the exact webcam I got. Guess i'll start streaming now. Thanks Pigeon! 😉

  14. Sven Bängberg

    800 butthurt poeple be disliking my comment aswell.

  15. What is the name of the song he plays after the NCS song at the end.

  16. xXCharizardee2Xx

    What about nicktron?

  17. The flame in the chat is real. Love how every fanboy brought their gathered rage and unleashed it here. Pigeon, you are a legend. Ad victoriam!

  18. Vic Covemaecker

    People need to calm down about gross gore. Pigeon was just joking and they've met before.


  19. Man the streamers are shit these days…

    I'd better watch Korean Challenger Solo queue w/ ma music, or BBC.

  20. Gross Gore cares more about the community than any other streamer in existence.

  21. Gonesoonafter

    It's a sad day when even your audience can't take a joke 😛

  22. Behlül Kilic

    i hope u fcking idiots already rode it in the description.. "Keep in mind, this is all satire!"

  23. Thomas van Schaik

    can anyone tell me what the name of the song is 2:50 plz anyone help me

  24. Peace Pigeon flock! Lol

  25. Kimi Räikkönen

    I officially love PeacePigeon now.

  26. why only lcs songs? they are good but 99% of the youtubers use them. and after a while they get boreing.

  27. Make the Never die comp. Soraka and Bard bot, Zilean mid, Kindred jungle and Sion top.

  28. Good to see satire still alive 🙂

  29. Jaron De Smet

    Why would you do this? dont make fun of other people to get yourself ahead, pretty lame. Unsubbed. Especially for Gross Gore, he cares more about his community than you will ever do. This is not satire buddy, you're creating a bad image of someone while he puts much work in his streams. Why would you compare Gross Gore to Nicktron, bitch please…

  30. Fûck you for putting Gross Gore in this and automatically comparing him with Retards with even more retarded viewers like Nicktron

  31. Lol compareing Gross Gore with these other Money Hungry Bitches isnt fair tho

  32. gross gore,: "this is not a joke, i don't give a shit"

  33. you just described every SivHD and KP video ever :p still awesome vids

  34. I don't see why you would say gross gore doesn't care about his community, how would you know that? And even if he doesn't, he shouldn't, I've played league of legends for like 5 years now and I think the community is straight out aids, and I have the right to think so considering how shitty the community is and for how long i've endured it, there is nothing wrong in that lol.

  35. Why does it seem like its so much effort for you to fucking talk? What's wrong with you lol?

  36. i don't agree with making fun of other streamers or people in general, also the video in general wasn't very funny

  37. NaYometixHyDroX

    nice video 😀 i m pleased

  38. TeamScuttleGromp

    Guys I would really appreciate it if you guys checked out my videos. Peacepigeon is the reason I got into editing and it would really mean a lot of you guys give it a look

    big fan of yours, keep doing what you do man ☺

  39. Dear pigeon would u like to play a game of lol with me. my ign is :Lee Sin On Coke

  40. Hey Pigeon! you should make a tutorial about league camera tool, it would have a lot of views, it wouldnt take you a lot of time and would be fun 😉

  41. TastesLikePanda

    ummm… you need 4 things for a stream highlight… the 3 you mentioned + an actual stream… Duh…. Pigeon Senpai! I though better of you than that!

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