How to make Money & Level Traders – Escape From Tarkov

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Tổng hợp tin hữu ích từ Youtube – Khám phá các mẹo hay từ YTB …


  1. God.. I can't believe it's been 4 years. Before all the other streamers popped up on Tarkov, you taught me the basics. Love you Kotton and thank you.

  2. back when 10,000 roubles was considered a lot! Sort of miss the pre flea market days in a way lol

  3. This still good in 2020?

  4. IamBigBoyGames

    I cant believe skier used to be pusher. 😭

  5. Mauricio Mayorga

    Everytime I see a hatchet man I always kill him

  6. Sebastian Martinez

    Remember when things were simple

  7. So weird watching these video two years later and seeing the differences and updates since you’ve played so long ago. Its come far and hopefully keeps getting better.

  8. Hamilton Mcgregory

    Even though i have no way of playing this game I love seeing videos like this showing the other mechanics of tarkov instead of pure gameplay

  9. Hey Kotton, you should do a updated version of this and see if 2019 and 2020 are both the same methods of grinding

  10. Thanks, this video help me a lot 👍

  11. I think the guy you met at factory extraction point wanted you to follow him and get some more loot, just look at the way he is wiggling at you

  12. This works! I just made 450k in 2h.

  13. Or you can just do scav runs

  14. Kotton gamer :DDD LOve you shitter 🙂

  15. Im new to tarkov and this is a old video, and YET it helped me alot to understand this game more and more 100% worth watching. Thanks!

  16. Abdullahi Ahmed

    Question for ya. Why is he called pusher? Isn’t that Skier

  17. Abdullahi Ahmed

    He wanted to team up

  18. 11,xxx xp from crate runs… they have definitely changed that lol

  19. Or for this wipe wait in the corner on labs till 20 minutes or till you hear no gunshots for 10 minutes the run out and loot raiders and hope to god you don’t get 1 tapped by a raider

  20. Nice dude you met there, anyway i also dont see the point of shooting hatchlings who just tries to make a quest or deseprate of money u know, shooting them is like beating your mom, girlfriend or grandma. Ofcourse they can come back with a weapon, but then atleast its gonna be fair fight.

  21. Abdullahi Ahmed

    Man thank you 🙏 so much. I was chickening out for real.

  22. I never thought of doing this to make money, great advice

  23. hes gotta take his own advice cause as of right now, HE BROKE!!!

  24. Anthony Morris

    This commentary is to calm for Kotton. Im use to hearing him screem "DID YOU SEE HIS FUCKING HEAD GO?"

  25. Its a suppressor not a silencer

  26. Sorry but i can’t see shit on this vid :

  27. dude this is when you would get 7k exp from extracting! i wish it was still the same

  28. The easyest way is going scav …

  29. Martin Ottesen

    Man the times you get 11k Exp for looting 4 Crates, good times.

  30. Great video, cept it doesnt work. Dead in two steps in Factory…..

  31. I think the player wanted him to go with him.

  32. RuffleRaven INC

    Is prapor worth leveling up?

  33. Damn trying this getting smoked they're waiting for anything to move not even a hatchet , No breaks for me lol

  34. how the hell did u get 11k exp in that run (5:06) ? u just looted 7 items or sth?

  35. 毅毅玩生存

    This video is really helpful

  36. What the fuck!? :O 11k EX for a 2 min loot run on factory with 0 kills!? HOW !?

  37. WTF? 11k exp? Rly???

  38. is this still a good way in patch 0.8?

  39. This moment when you watch this in patch 8.7 and know that if u got all the shoreline keys you will make these 250k in one run

  40. Pug Viktor Orban

    cool but now the hachet are swarming

  41. I'm brand new to Tarkov, coming in late to the party. I only bought the cheapest pre order pack and have a 2×2 secure box. Is there a way to get a larger one just by playing or do I have to buy the EoD pack to get the 3×3?

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