How to Make a WordPress Website | Step-by-Step Beginners Guide

Học cách tạo một ĐẸP với hướng dẫn từng bước nhanh chóng và dễ dàng này! Nơi lấy Tên miền và Lưu trữ web (lưu ý – Tôi sẽ kiếm được một khoản hoa hồng nhỏ và bạn sẽ được giảm giá khi sử dụng liên kết này): Mẫu trang web và theo dõi hình ảnh: TIMESTAMPS: Bước # 1 Lấy tên miền và Lưu trữ web 1:05 Bước # 2 Cài đặt WordPress 7:33 Bước # 3 Kích hoạt chủ đề mới 11:35 Bước # 4 Kích hoạt plugin 13:05 Bước # 5 Tùy chỉnh trang web của bạn 15:15 Bước # 6 Tạo biểu mẫu liên hệ mới 44: 33 Bước # 7 Thêm chân trang 48:47 Bước # 8 Tùy chỉnh tiêu đề của bạn 52:10 Cách tạo biểu trưng MIỄN PHÍ 56:41 Bước # 9 Cách tạo trang & bài đăng mới 1:02:56 Bước # 10 Chỉnh sửa cho thiết bị di động và Máy tính bảng 1:05:07 Bước # 11 Xuất bản trang web của bạn! 1:07:41 BÀI ĐĂNG BLOG LIÊN QUAN —————————————– KHÁC VIDEO HỮU ÍCH —————————————– Web Hosting là gì: là gì Tên miền: 10 sai lầm khi thiết kế trang web và giải pháp của họ: Cách trang web này kiếm được 150.000 đô la / tháng. ————————— Trang web của tôi: Tạo trang web chuyên nghiệp Instagram: Tạo trang web chuyên nghiệp Facebook: Dale McManus Instagram: Và đừng quên SUBSCRIBE để Tạo Trang web Chuyên nghiệp để biết thêm các hướng dẫn về trang web tuyệt vời:.

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  1. Is this method of building a website still applicable in 2021?

  2. I must be doing something wrong because my cost keeps coming up over a hundred dollar which I can't afford.

  3. Narendra Gaikwad

    Cool explanation very useful video thanks.

  4. Good work!

  5. Bhamar Pradhan

    Feck vidio

  6. This is a great tutorial. I would recommend you watch this and do not try to follow along while ur trying to build ur website. And here’s why. I did that with another tutorial and it did not work. Why? Because I didn’t understand the work flow or the workflow concepts. This video if you watch it first gives great flow instructions and practical application. Great job and thank you.

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  8. Great presentation of details and straightforward.

  9. Gustavo Gutierrez

    I cannot do what the video is saying. There is no general options for me. video time: 27:21.

  10. I already started a site for free on wordpress and also have a domain through wordpress but when I go into wordpress and try to add the plug in's they are not free? Do I need to get a hosting company first? I thought wordpress also is hosting?

  11. Timothy Connolly

    My God, your girlfriend is a smoke-show

  12. Best tutorial I have ever seen on creating a website on word press. I have followed your instructions and have now created my own web site. Thank you so much! Really appreciate your time and hard work.

  13. Бахытбек Каттабекович

    Well done, everything is very simple and clear.

  14. Elite and Classic


  15. Hi Dale, thanks a lot for the video. With your help, I created my website It's not the best and needs a lot of improvements. I'm open to suggestions and feedback to make it better. Looking forward to your visit. Thanks.

  16. Around 29:35 I am stuck cause I don't see that setting on mine and now I don't know how to remove all of that stuff on the right. Can anyone tell me what to do for that? Thanks!

  17. Hi Dale, do you have a course or offer consulting? (After the new studio move in).

  18. I apologize if I missed this part but, can anyone tell me how to resize the video? I don't see how to do that. I don't want the video to be as large as it is.

  19. I just had to stop this video and tell you that I really like the way you teach! I have built sites before but, it's not what I like doing the most. However, I have a new project to work on and need a refresher and your video is making me feel relaxed, confident, and excited to get this site built! Thank you!! Oh… Hopefully this will also give me direction on adding a pop up email capture to it. I need to know how to add one of those to the site.

  20. Hi. What's you mic? Thanks for the video!

  21. Dale was that girl supposed to be click bait?

  22. but how can you get the screen shot of this vid before you upload your vid???

  23. Potcheen on the road ☘

    Hmm I get No SSL Cert Free it says i have to pay for it 39.99 Annually

  24. Baby Boomers Retirement Club

    How much would you charge for a simple 4 page website? One of the pages I would like to have at least 10 videos to choose from… I am in the tree business so it would be beneficial for customers to see us in action. Especially with before and after videos.

  25. you are a beautiful man my good sir!

  26. URVIP Transportation

    Sorry if my question sound stupid. Is there a way to get a Template and customize the way I want to? Is that much easier, isn't it?

  27. Michał Jabłoński

    THX BRO!

  28. hallo, i have trouble when i was post a text, i can't pos my blog, the text is "Gagal update. Pesan kesalahan: The response is not a valid JSON response." / "Failed to update. Error message: The response is not a valid JSON response" please help

  29. contact form doesn't work

  30. bestmovie marathon

    very nice tutorial

  31. Is it also possible to build a website this way offline? First build it on your computer and when you're finished publish it.

  32. Januki Sarcar

    Thank you so much, at least more than 10 website making tutorial have watched on youtube BUT i like your way the best. I am not saying others are not good enough but your way of teaching i felt more easy, so now i am ready to start my very first website. Good luck to me, once again thanks a lot.

  33. Hi thanks to the tutorial i followed you step by step to familiarise with elementor everything is great, then i bought a premium template on themeforest i tried uploading it with elementor it gives me an error message. is it because it uses PHP pages instead of JSON?

  34. Manisha Sharma

    Dear Dale, Thank you for the fantastic tutorial. Even a complete software challenged person like me has managed to create a website, all thanks to you. However, it was not clear in your video how I can connect the content with menu headings for eg. in About section, on clicking it there is nothing at the moment. What can I do to connect it with the content? I will appreciate your revert as I am more than halfway through making the website. plz plz, help.

  35. Hi is wordpress websites good for affiliate marketing

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