Attempting Dumb 5 Min Crafts

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  1. Make sure to Like the vid if you enjoyed this type of video so I know to do more😄❤️ hope you guys have a great day and stay weird😜

  2. {•Aleah and Friends•}

    Do you have Globophobia Kris? I think that’s how you spell it, Globophobia is a fear of balloons/balloons popping. SooOooOoooOo just a lil fact for y’all. I rly don’t know if that’s how u spell it-

  3. Jasmyn Yarger

    11:55 Yes i do 🙂

  4. Kris: * struggling to use the chopsticks *

    Me: Kris become one with the chopsticks dude

  5. Rayyan Badshah

    Atleast I know im not the only one scared of blooms

  6. she made my day🤣

  7. SpongePlayzRoblox

    someone buy kris more duct tape for Christmas

  8. I swear on the first craft I was already having a better day thank you kris❤

  9. Xxpeachy_playzxX

    12:57 is did not make that my Home Screen 😳

  10. “So people can see themselves in you”
    Me being dirty minded👀

  11. Ilka Johns-Hammond

    I love how the answer to everything is "DUCK TAPE!"

  12. Justin Rouzzo

    OMG I thought I was the only one who was afraid of balloons popping!

  13. XBluePoppyChelsX

    Hey fam! 😩🤚✨

  14. Celeste Monson

    Don't worry Kris, my dad hates the sound of when you open a can of biscuits…. they scare him SO badly

  15. Duck tape is the best and all the solutions.

  16. I love how Kris assumes the answer to every problem is duck tape lol 😂

  17. i keep my bread in the frezzer lol

  18. Francois Meyer


  19. Francois Meyer


  20. Francois Meyer


  21. brandon farris who?

  22. bitter shadow

    You should do a zombie apocalypse
    Spoof with Katrina as a survivor


  24. So you keep saying you have fear of balloons popping or know as globophobia. (had to search it up ; – ; )

  25. OMG same with the ballons

  26. Omg I have the same pillow!!

  27. Sqeakes the Mouse


  28. Angie Yonaga v.v

    I'm on the toilet 🙄🙄🙄💅💅💅

  29. Ok, I'll get myself a duct tape 🖤🖤

  30. Oh want to take picture?

  31. Kris, has a problem… DUCK TAPE!!!!!! I love her so much

  32. As someone who has been shot by a literal gun (yes, I live in the United States…Texas to be exact), I’m now a bit afraid of balloons popping as well because of the sound they make and how similar it is to a gunshot. So.. no judgement here. Lol

  33. Delicate Disaster

    I'm literally wheezing. I had to leave my bedroom because my france had surgery and is sleeping and I'm laughing so hard I'm shaking the bed and I keep making weird noises trying to stifle my laughter and I keep waking him up. 🤣

  34. would Katrina get scared of a balloon no now pull your self together be Katrina you big baby #pep talk P.S in a joking manner of course.

  35. random person: okay how do we solve world hunger?
    Kris: i have an idea, duct tape.

  36. GamerLeviathan

    Some random person: Help my leg just got cut off
    Kris: DUCTTAPE!

  37. Simona Onofraș

    I like you

  38. I dont have that BUT i do have..

  39. Kelly Jenkins

    your not alone i keep my bread in the freezer

  40. Kelly Jenkins

    Gunther: when the glasses are to hard to lift to the top of your head
    Me: Throws glasses at Gunther

  41. she spelled favorite wrong lol

  42. Brittany Tucker

    Kris I would HAPPILY come to Vancouver and help you do ridiculous 5 min crafts

  43. duck tape its named duck tappe becauze its duck tape

  44. Like Red Green but cuter. 🤣

  45. dont you think duck tape should sponser her is it just me. lol😂

  46. 12:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Hello I’m new to this and I have 1 word WHOA

  48. Maalika Calarco

    No glue? DUCT TAPE! Sponge not staying on drill? DUCT TAPE! Anxiety? DUCK TAPE!!!!!

  49. Victoria Preston

    No socks on for that trick

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