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Bánh nướng trái cây đơn giản, mộc mạc, vụn vặt ăn kèm với kem đông và mứt dâu. Thật tuyệt vời của người Anh, quá ngon, hương vị của mùa hè! Đây là một quảng cáo trả tiền. NB. Gremlins chỉnh sửa đã trở lại và ở đâu đó dọc theo dòng, 2 quả trứng đáng lẽ phải được thêm đã bị thiếu !! Hoặc có thể thêm 150ml sữa nếu không muốn thêm trứng. Kiểm tra công thức đầy đủ ở đây. Mẹo trên cùng – làm thêm một mẻ lớn và đông lạnh phần bột đã cắt ra. Sau đó, bất cứ khi nào bạn cảm thấy miếng thịt vụn, hãy cho vào lò nướng và nấu cho đến khi vàng và ấm. Để biết thêm thông tin về dụng cụ làm bánh Jamie được giới thiệu trong video này, hãy nhấp vào đây: Các liên kết từ video: Bánh mì cơ bản | Bánh sô cô la | Lemon Sponge | Để biết thêm thông tin về bất kỳ sản phẩm Jamie Oliver nào có trên kênh, hãy nhấp vào đây: Để biết thêm thông tin dinh dưỡng, hãy nhấp vào đây: Đăng ký Food Tube | Theo dõi Đồ uống Tube | Đăng ký kênh Món ăn gia đình | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Thêm nhiều tuyệt vời | Jamie’s Recipes App | #FOODTUBE x.

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  1. That wasn't 500g of flour 😂 I tried this, 500g of flour filled a whole large mixing bowl. That was 150g at the least.

  2. sniper48 harrybo

    in Cornwall it is jam first then clotted cream on top…..

  3. Donald McNeilly

    How come no eggs in the video?

  4. Lady Wintergreen

    SCAWN!!!! We aren’t American!

  5. Jamie, jam first

  6. Helen Giddings

    So pleased you pronounce scones scones.

  7. If I use self raising, why is baking powder nesseccary?

  8. Cant stand this guy's fake smile

  9. Show this to Mocha Joe

  10. Susanna Huang

    The oven temperature in the video is 350 F, but in the recipe link, it is 400 F. I am speechless…

  11. Sorry – I thought this was Victoria Scones page. Please improve yet search algorithmic

  12. Pack Phanuphong

    Follow all of his recipe and it's the best scone ever. (don't forget to add eggs!)

  13. Oh, no … Dried fruit. I'm off.

  14. bruh mine looked like a donut with no hole

  15. My Accaunt lalala

    Simple yet awesome

  16. I was here just to learn on how to eat scones 🥲

  17. Love the beautiful kitchen 😍

  18. Delicious cooking style with Dorcas

    Thanks for sharing

  19. Jam spread first with clotted cream on top. The only sensible way round. Clotted cream should not be treated like just an alternative to butter. The clotted cream is the main focus.

  20. Axel Scrivener

    Cream first?? You're an absolute madman!! 😅😅😅

  21. Sotavento - Perú

    Gold wedding ring flavour scones.

  22. first time baking, thought i'll try his "simple" scones and it was a disaster with his "splash of milk"
    – the dough never binded. went to other videos and they said "add 300 mls of mild to 500g flour".

  23. The Irakoze Homeschool

    Worked perfectly, thank you Jamie! Though I had to add more than just a splash of milk x😊

  24. Thx. Nice recepe quick fix . 🥳🤗

  25. ok thanks we love ur recipe. umm!!! gorgeous!! me and my son will definitely try! 😄

  26. John Armstrong


  27. HoneyPeaxh Lyrics

    Is he said: salam ibu-ibu???

  28. They’re SCONS, not scowns.

  29. Thx. Very nice recepe 🤗🥳❤️

  30. I don't know if you know, the first known scone originated in Scotland. Scone is a old Scots word meaning fine bread, it could be any fine bread therefore, in Scotland we have lots of different kinds of Scones, Oat scones, Drop scones (Orkney Recipe), potato scones, Soor Dook scones, Soda Scones, Traditional Scottish Scone which is the first mention of scone in history, it is the recipe you are using but without the baking soda.
    They are all amazing!
    I wonder if you could try some Scottish Recipes?! Just for fun, to show the diversity of Scones.
    Traditionally, when making a Scottish Scone you make a big around Scone and cut it into triangles, like a big loaf of bread, hence why Scone means Bread in Scots.

  31. mine was so dense my jaw hurts dang it🤡 aight my 500g flour going to the chicken barn
    *dang try this thing again today. shiytty hands really be telling me to just buy from the bakery shop

  32. Norman Longstaff

    Great baking but we call them SCONS up NORTH

  33. dont forget to add two eggs!! they missed out on the youtube video!

  34. Olive oil on your scones ffffff 🙄🙄🙄 sigh

  35. If you place them touching each other on the baking sheet, they won't topple over onto themselves. My English mum taught me this, and Mary Berry teaches it in her video from 40-odd years ago (available here on YouTube), too.

  36. Acacia Gentile

    In the recipe text, 2 free-range eggs appear and in the video Jamie does not lay eggs in the dough of the scone

  37. My fav cook , i smell them through the screen… Yes gona try it out

  38. Nanou dans le jargon

    My english teacher give us as homework your recipe

  39. Mmmmmm delicious. I’m going to try them!

  40. im gooing to make this for the famille

  41. Thank you, from Mexico,,,
    Subtle please,

  42. I love this scone recipe without egg! Thank you.

  43. Go Jamie go. Looks delicious!

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